Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Return

I just got back from my Florida vacation. It was wonderful being in warm weather!! I left just in time, as the temp dropped into the 40's. While I was there, I was able to do a lot of water activities with my family (there was about 14 of us total in my parent's house). We went boating, fishing, and I did manage a surf session. Here's a very short film I made of the whole experience - and yes, there's some footage of me surfing:


Now that I am back, the forecast calls for wind and rain for the whole weekend... well, at least it was dry for my return. I'll close this post here since I am so pooped! Happy New everyone!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Surfing the Bar

Finally, the sand has accumulated the along the Westside, making an awesome sandbar! This pic was taken about a week and half ago and there is much more sand than that. My friend Laura took a couple pics of my last wave in the other day without me knowing. She'll let me know next time when she's out taking pics, so I can really throw down the tricks ;) The water has been pretty cold, but I have been opt'ing out of wearing booties - I just hate them!

It is Christmas day and I am at home with my housemate. She isn't up yet, but I got a fire going in the fireplace and all the xmas lights on, so she can wake up to a festive setting. We are having a few people over today for a late lunch and cocktails (my favorite way to celebrate!). Then tomorrow night I leave for Florida to join my parents and other family members who made the trip with them. I'll be there until the 2nd and am looking forward to the vacation and just being out of this setting for a little bit. I'm a bit worn, as is most the population this time of year, and am feeling a little bit of a cold. Hopefully being in the sunshine state will help!

Happy holidays to all!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting Younger

Another great birthday was had by me yesterday! My housemates took me to breakfast at Brazil's and then we went and got a Christmas tree. After we got home, I ran out to go surf. It was a bit small, and very chilly, but fun all the same. Earlier this week a large west swell came through the Cali coast.

Cowells, High Tide:

Indicators/The Lane:

Anyway, the surf calmed down. Returning to my birthday, after my surf session, I went to Olitas and where my family and friends had joined me for a very nice dinner. It's been awhile since I had had so many people invited to celebrate! I came home and helped my housemate decorate our xmas tree. It was a perfect end to my day.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Psycho Cycle

It's so funny how we each individually have mini-dramas that play out every day of our lives. There are events that make up our weeks, our months, and years. And I'm sure the more shit you have going on, the faster time passes.

For those interested, as a finale to the past girl situation, she officially decided to move back in with her ex (well I guess they are gf's now). So that ends that. We are still friends and had a great week together, getting into a lot of trouble at work, but nothing more romantically.

As for some more brighter news, I got to be one of the judges in the Gathering of the Tribes contest this past Saturday. It was supposed to be held at Capitola, however it was flat. Very beautiful, but too serene for a surf contest:

So with that, the contest was moved to a more rough and tumble Manresa (amazing how just driving several miles down the coast can provide vastly different conditions) :

Originally, I was supposed to surf this contest. However, I have served my time in conditions such as this and it's just not fun. Not to mention it was about 40F out with a South wind blowing. This did provide the opportunity to learn how to judge a contest... so I took it. I learned things I need to know when I am competing in these events and it provided a priceless education in competitive longboarding. I do not regret my decision in not suiting up for this one. I had a lot of support from my friends, though I had to call them and tell them "Next time...".

End note: I cannot believe it's December already... my birthday is just a week away, and my much anticipated vacation just a few weeks away! I've been learning how to make little short films, but my video camera isn't working :( I hope to remedy that by the time I head for Florida!! I will keep you all posted!