Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Same As It Ever Was

The contest went well. We threw an awesome party and I am proud to have been part of the leadship team who hosted the contest! So great to hear from everyone what a great time they had!

It's weird to have it over with and be at a dead stop. I am finding myself needing something to do, and am thinking of taking another job to make some travel money. Wanderlust again. I have a lot of teacher friends who are all making their travel plans, and it pains me to think I have to wait until October/November to go anywhere. Perhaps I'll win the lotto tonight... I'll keep my fingers crossed. First stop, New Orleans!! Then maybe Europe. I'm a believer in spending a couple bucks on the lotto. That $2 - $5 allows me to dream about what I would do with the money that I would not have the chance of winning, had I not played at all.

Meager surf this week. Looks like a swell will be in later this week! Hopefully I will get in some really good dawn patrols in the near future!

I had two high school friends come up this past weekend. A lot people like to bag on Facebook, but I've had a really awesome experience getting back in touch with my friends. It was fun Sunday at the beach and it's so great to see my friends and their families.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Up A Notch

It's been fairly insane this month. One of my all time favorite events is this weekend. I have had the pain/pleasure of planning this event with my fellow club members. Lots to do before the weekend, but I am confident it will all come together as it always does.

Dawn Patrols have been awesome... hardly anyone out but my friends. That's all I've really been able to do, work on contest stuff, sleep, work, and surf.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Redwood Planks in Surf City

On Friday there was an unveiling for the new plaque that is to be placed by the lighthouse here in Santa Cruz. It commemorates the summer 3 Hawaiian Princes surfed the Rivermouth back in 1885. This literally cements in stone that Santa Cruz is the first place on the Mainland to be surfed.

It was a beautiful day and just a memorable ceramony... very aloha in every regard. Ever since I've been surfing, the story of the princes had been sort of an old legend. To see all the paper work and research spread across in Kim Stoner's living room it was in fact, well, fact.

Here's the article and sort of an addendum to this whole deal:

Monday, April 05, 2010

Going Forward

It always seems I am so busy with work. I cannot believe it is already April! This past weekend I went to see a surfing exhibit at our local museum. There where a lot of local artists and surfboards on display. It was really awesome to see some of my friends contribute to this installation and to be knee deep in such a culture that appreciates it's history.

Being in the museum was a great rainy day thing to do, as the weather had nasty for the weekend. The surf was looking good, but I really haven't been into it. My sessions have been so-so and there are days I feel I have failed myself as a surfer. I have to remind myself that it is ok not to surf. It is ok to want to stay in and read or watch a movie. The good days will return and I think I should refrain from surfing until I have the want to go.

It has been busy anyway... I've the got the Memorial Day Contest coming up and I've been learning how to update the Longboard Union's website. I'm also taking care of the program, so I have layout work to do too.

Hopefully in June I can relax and find other activities to get into. After the last post, I really want to find new people to be around. No more users or needy people in my life. I let that girl go, and I really am glad I did. The site of her irritated me and I loathe her.... not really a good thing to feel about someone, but it is what it is and I am happy not to see her or be anywhere near her.

Busy and happy days ahead!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The People Whisperer

Does anyone ever master the art of dealing with people? I tried in vain this week to tell someone how I felt about them... I waited all week and did not get that chance. It wasn't something I felt that should be done over the phone, or txt, or email. I believe my feelings deserved more than that.

I guess when I mentioned to her that I wanted to talk to her she knew what I wanted to say and I have been pretty much off her radar since.Thing is, she didn't even hear me out. I really wasn't looking to get anything from her or ask her to commit in any way. I simply wanted her to know because the line between friendship and something else has become a bit fuzzy. I feel I owe that to her and the friendship we share.

It's been busy, and I seem to always choose people who have a lot going on in their lives. I give my all to people who really have nothing to give, and I'm don't blame them. It's just that they are concentrating on getting their lives back on track. My timing isn't right nd I should really find people who in a similar space, because man, I telling you... I am worn out.

Is it ever easy? Words I must remember if I truly love something and am willing to let it flourish....

"Any thing you grow or raise requires time to get the desired results. If you hurry it or force it against it's nature, you will either destroy it or live with it's retardation. Time, love & patience is what it takes."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Unexpected

This year really started on the rough side. After my Florida vacation I came to a full schedule of personal obligations to those I love, not to mention starting as a board member for the SCLU. I almost got fired from my job and lived two weeks of hell at work, and still am very resentful. As for the mini-dramas for myself and my friends and family, those of course are ever present. Dealing with these issues has become very tiresome.

However, not everything has been a struggle. I am happy to report the Cowells sand bar has made it's come back! Had some just beautiful and dynamic storms! I have had a blast surfing on really calm days... it's going to be a great spring and summer!!

We had heard that it was going to be an El Nino year and the buzz was all about the sand. As predicted, we got exactly what we wanted. And, for the most part, things for me personally are moving in the direction I've been trying for so long to go in. Three months ago I was pretty miserable, but things are starting to pick up and go my way. Let's see how it goes!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I kicked off this New Year in Florida. It's been cold... I mean super cold. No surfing this trip, but I got a day of fishing in! At least I was off of work for a couple weeks and had a pretty relaxing time with my parents and niece. I think though, next time I'll be making my visit in the spring or fall.

Tomorrow I return to my native California, which hopefully will have a nice sand build up at Cowells! I can't wait to ride my bike over and do a surf check, even though I most likely will not be surfing this week. Other hopes and promises for the new year, besides a killer sand bar? Maybe to find some direction. To have people in my life who appreciate me in theirs and vice versa. To keep getting leaner and leaner... and be motivated to be the person I know I can be.