Thursday, September 06, 2007

Step Into Fall

So I got my first Standup Paddle injury... I managed to crack a couple ribs after falling onto the shaft of my paddle. It's been a week and I still can't breath deep, laugh, or cough without pain. The IBU does provide some relief, but I still can't get into the water, well at least surf or standup paddle. Roxy is putting on a huge contest later this month that I had wanted to enter. ( . I have until the 16th to decide, so we'll have see how the ribs are feeling.

I found this little gem of footage from our Kauai trip! Meg was surfing the beach break called Pine Trees, to which I opt'd out and decided to do a photo-shoot - you can hear me in the background cheering her on though:


That clip always makes me laugh!
I will let you you all know how it goes if I do enter the Roxy Jam!