Thursday, January 18, 2007

Beautiful Calm

Everything is going great! Life is definately sweet and I have been enjoying these days with great appreciation. I did get into a minor accident on Monday, but I am fine and my bumper just fell off my car. But nothing that can't be fixed. The surf has been pretty mellow and it's been super fun! I still have yet to try the Blue Beastie, as it is in the shop for repairs. It going to cost me about $125 to fix up the delam on the deck... but it's worth it and I can't wait to get it back and surf those 2'-4' peelers. My fantasy is that I just walk right up to the nose and hang. I'll let you all know if that indeed happens.

Here's after my late afternoon sesh yesterday:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blue Crush

This past weekend I got a pet for the Princess Cruiser, but looks like I actually picked up a Blue Beastie!

I didn't realize how much bigger this board was until I got it home and sat it next the Princess Cruiser! The Blue Beastie measures 9'10" long x 24" wide x 3" thick.

Should have no problem catching waves and noseriding on that monster! The board has some delam, which I should get repaired before putting on wax and taking it into the water, in the mean time the Princess Cruiser is still my girl and she'll be glad to get out into the surf.

I started classes yesterday. I have a Critical Thinking course with one of my favorite professors and Eastern Thought class which focuses on beliefs in China long ago. The instructor is also another one of my favorites! I am so excited about this quarter!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Welcome '07!

What a busy surf weekend it was! I went out last Friday and it was almost completely flat! I needed to surf to I went to the eastside and surfed 2nd peak for a little while, but then came back to 38th to have it all to myself. The waves were very small, but once in a while (a long while) a waist high set would come in. It was micro, but it was all mine.

Thursday, Natascha (to whom I will refer to as "Fos" from this point forward) and I met up in Boulder Creek after work to look at some places for her to live. After looking at one really cute place and one really skanky place, we headed to the bar. We had a beer and later drove back into town to get some dinner. We headed for Olitas for $5 fish tacos and margaritas.

I was going to talk about Saturday, but I don't remember what happened in which order. I do know I went to Cowells to surf and it was super fun and I got a few really good lefts. Sunday sucked... it was disorganized and big. Fos and I had gone out for honky mofo breakfast before, and nearly ate ourselves into a coma. I guess I felt I needed exercise after that and paddled into the mess at Cowells. For an hour it felt like I was paddling in place! I got out, completely frustrated and Meg had gone out before me, feeling the same way after her session. She made a big honky mofo dinner (meatloaf, beans, and potato's) and we gramma'd out for the New Year.

I did get a better surf session in on New Years Day, but got completely worn out and was sick yesterday. I took a surf break and feel much better today. I start classes on Tuesday next week and I am stoked! More on that later!

Hope you all had a fun and safe New Years!