Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Falling Back to Routine

Fall is officially here. I celebrated the equinox with cocktails and something that tasted like alcoholic chai. My one housemate and I were interviewing people, well because our other housemate has moved out. It's been interesting the range of people we've been getting. Although, the one we had on Saturday took the cake. This woman, came walking up like she was queen of the land, as my housemate and I were talking to the neighbors. They were having a HUGE party that night and asked if the woman if she was one of the dancers for the evening (you can imagine how she was dressed for us to assume she was entertainment). Anyway, we soon realized she was our 1pm interview. Well...she definitely was not a match, being that she was pretty needy and demanding. She also asked if she did move in, if she could lay naked in the back. I of course said yes, and that underneath my window provided the most sunlight for proper sunbathing. We later come to find that she is a stripper/realtor. Hmmmm... it all made sense. My take on it was this: She could lay naked anywhere she wanted, but she ain't livin' with us.

Anyway... the SW swell died, but I have been surfing in the small stuff with my friends. Got to surf with a cutie the other day. We'll see how that goes! It's been a blast seeing everyone in the evening, and watching the sun set and the water glass off. No more early mornings until spring. Ah well, I have my classes to attend anyway and swimming in the evenings. It's just as well.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Paddle Out Pics

Here a few pics from the Surfrider paddle out, Sept.9, 2006. It was National Paddle for Clean Water Day. There were about 40 of us out there. A totally that was!

You can see me, in the orange cap, and Alison next to me, with the purple on the wetsuit.

Again, me in the orange cap, arms folded, Ryan on the table getting his bones cracked, and Cowells in the background.

Circle Statement

Not sure who took all these, but thanks to those who did!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Morning Fun For Everyone

Sorry for my absence... I didn't realize coming back from vacation was going to be so much work! Things are moving and changing right now, for the better I am sure. I am coming to terms with some relationships that are changing for better or worse, you really have no choice but to take that ride.

As far as the surf reports goes, I did get in an evening glass-off and came in with the night last week. Hope to get in more days like that. This morning was absolutely fun! A SW swell came in, providing lots of waves and opportunities for some awesome rides. I got in when it was still dark, and there was no fog. As I got out, the sun was rising and the fog started to roll in as you can see from the above pic. There were some good sets, but the tide was coming up and shutting it down fast. It made for a pretty pic though!

Monday I start classes. I've got a philosophy course and am taking swimming to keep in shape for the winter swell. I am very exciting and happy to start school again. In a few days it'll be officially Autumn... happy fall everyone!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Surfest 2006

Obviously I am back in Cali, and glad to be! It's been insanely busy since I came home and for some reason I am finding comfort here at work. Perhaps because it's the rountine and the familiar.

I did participate in the 2006 NorCal Women's Surfest. Alison and I were in the same division. We both did extremely well, although there were only 3 of us in the divsion, Alison took 2nd place, and came in at 1st place! Hopefully there will be some pics from the event... especially of us surfing! The conditions were fairly small during our first heat, but were getting closed out and gnarly by the second. The sun never came out that day, and it was pretty cold. Ryan, Alison's boyfriend, and I had to seriously talk Alison into getting back into her wet wetsuit for our 2nd heat. It was that cold.

It was a extremely long, but fun, day! Now that my vacation and the contest are over, it's time for an energy shift and to welcome the fall transition. I am very much looking forward to this!