Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No Sellouts!

Shayna posted her "What kind of rocker are you" on her blog, so I decided to do the same! I am quite pleased with the results! It's all about the music man!

You Are an Indie Rocker!

You are in it for the love of the music...
And you couldn't care less about being signed by a big label.
You're all about loving and supporting music - not commercial success.
You may not have the fame and glory, but you have complete control of your career.

Another busy week... I will continue to post comments and try for another post in the next few days.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

What I Found at the Beach

I have somewhat of a date tomorrow evening. Let me rewind back to Thursday. After a week of classes, I seriously needed to get in some surfing. So after work Thursday, I drove over to Santa Cruz and got in the water. It was freakin' cold!! As I was sitting on my board in the water, I looked onshore and saw a pretty girl walking along the newly formed sandbar. It was hard to get a look from such a far distance, so I took some waves in and walked back up the sandbar to the lineup and to get a better view. This was a pretty girl! So I went back into the water and played around for a little bit, just kind of putting her out of my mind and resuming my session. I was getting cold, so I knew it was time to get out and get dressed, but not before having the pluckish urge to play in the mote of still, warm, water by the stairs! It was long and deep enough for me to sail around on my surfboard... that was too much fun! Anyway, I finally got to the top of the stairs and saw that girl again! She was leaning on a rock watching the surfers below. I decided I was going to go talk to her. I put my board down and was also gazing at my fellow surfers, thinking of an opening line or something witty to say. So, I turned to her, smiled and said "Didn't get into the water today?" She smiled back and replied that she didn't surf and that it looked cold (it was). We started talking and I found out she had just got into town the night before from Kansas. She was just touring around Westcliff and checking everything out. I said "So you don't know anyone?" and she nodded, and answered "No one.", so I put my hand out "My name is Leigh. You know one person now." We talked more and exchanged phone #'s. Yesterday I had invited her to breakfast with Alison and I, which she intitially accepted. But she called me earlier this evening to tell me that she was scheduled to work earlier than she originally thought. This girl found a job in one day - impressive! A woman of action. Anyway, I mentioned I was most likely going to be surfing tomorrow evening about the time she is off of work, so I asked her she wanted to go get some dinner, and she was all for that. I can't wait to get to know her more... she's very talkative and interesting! I'll keep you all posted!

PS- I decided on a wetsuit (pictured below, same color and all). I actually already bought it, but had to exchange it for a size bigger cuz the ladies were a little restrained ;) and it was tight around the neck. Sorry... it's not me modeling.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Busy Bee'z

Sorry I haven't posted or commented much the past few days. It's been quite a busy week with work and my classes. I will report I do have a crush in my math class, which is exciting and new. It's kind of an incentive in going to school. ;)

I made it out surfing on Sunday and had fun. That new/used board was sure fun! The sandbar at Cowells seems to be growing, and there's quite a beach there now. Hopefully it won't rain this weekend so I can get some more fun times in. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My New Girl

So, along with the new wetsuit I just bought, I also purchased a used surfboard. It was such a great deal and I couldn't pass it up! It's an oldie but goodie. It rained today and I just cleaned off the old wax on it, so I haven't been able to test drive her yet. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get out in the water.

Now, to other matters, such as "RILF". Cooper posted on her blog the readers she'd like to fuck (yes folks, we aren't going to candy coat it). I am proud to say I made that list of few and I thank academy for the nomination. So my list is compiled of my faithful readers who I would love to fuck everyday in return for their great comments and wonderful insight.

Miz B makes the top, for this poor woman has put up with her freakish inlaws for a MONTH and needs some hot luvin'. Plus she is one hot boho mama!!

Cooper is next, being the epitome of the "smart is sexy" ideal. She's like 20 going on 35...which is hot, and not to mention she carves both on the snow and water! Whew! Cold shower is needed.

Shayna the sexy singer from Tennessee is definitely on the list...have you heard this woman sing? Compassionate (read her Eugene stories), sweet, a musician... how could I not want to have sex with this woman??

Last but not least...Jason. Yes, he is a guy and I am a lesbian, but I would totally make an exception for him. What is more sexier than a man who works in a library...he, like Cooper, also possesses that sexy smarty pants attitude i find very attractive.

If you aren't on my list, like Pansi, you are either a doll, or I am just getting to know you. Don't worry though, I am sure in time I will want to shag you too. Now I feel like I need to do something more productive, like my homework.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Important Matters

Ok, so enough discussion on drama and more focus on more important things like wetsuits. I have decided to purchase a new winter wetsuit, since the one I have is getting holes and I have been freezing this season. The material these suits are made of is just incredible! Lightweight, durable, and warm! It looks like a super hero suit! Here is the object of my affections, top of the line:

Perfect except for one thing, no water really gets in and you can't flush if you get too hot. That could be a problem in the spring and summer. Here's probably what I am going to purchase. This second to top, but is less expensive. Alison has this suit and swears it's super warm:

Both are waaaay better than what I have now, so there can only be improvement. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Drama Clause

So lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of “drama” (due to recent events in my life). I figure in today’s terms it is defined as a situation that has been blown out of proportion along with the parties involved getting emotionally distressed over it. But how deep or surface does that really go?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people just pass off something they don’t want to deal with as “drama”. Yes, I do agree, there are the cases where people cause a scene or take their issues to a public level. That is what I consider real drama. See Shayna’s post about her band member…that’s a model case. But what about issues between two people on a private level? For example: Last week I confronted a friend, through email, about her recent behavior toward our relationship. She was basically acting strange, silent, and distant. I simply wanted to know what was going on - although, me being me, I may have dressed it up in words a little bit. Nevertheless, she referred to the email as “negative” and “drama”. We were able to work things out though.

Now, was I being dramatic in trying to sort things out between us by hitting the issue head on, in a direct manner? Or was she just afraid to face the real issues and project her feelings onto me? I see this in the work place as well. Many managers I see will avoid confronting their employees because they don’t want to cause “drama” in the work place. Resentment builds up between coworkers and that’s when the real situations take place. I think avoiding things causes a snowball of tension and resentment. I see it all the time.

Plain and simple, my new definition is this: drama is the failure of effective communication between two or more people.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just the Facts

Again, I have been tagged by Miz Bohemia. This time I must state five little known facts about myself. Here we go:

1) Just after I was born, my parents and I moved from Marin County, California to Turkey. Both my mom and dad were in the US Air Force (where they met) and got stationed in the east for about 9 months. After that we moved to Santa Clara County, California, where I still reside today.

2) My eye doctor is so amused by this one: My right and left eye refuse to work together, they only work independently. For example, take 3D glasses...you need to use both eyes at the same time to get the 3D effect. I can't do it...one of the eyes shuts down and lets the other do all the work. My optometrist says it's fine, both eyes are healthy, and that I have adapted throughout my life, I'm just not getting the same depth perception most people have. I have to be very careful descending staircases.

3)My grandmother raised me until I was about 10 years old. I remember only seeing my parents real late at night and on the weekends. They were both working at the time.

4)I knew I was gay when I was about 6 years old (even though I really didn't quite understand it, I just knew I liked girls over boys). I even had a crush on a little girl named Christina when I was in 1st Grade. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. :)

5)I can juggle. My best friend of 10 years just found that one out on New Year's eve when I was able to juggle some doggie toys drunk. Yeah folks, it was spectacular!!

I'm not a tagger, so I leave it be here. Weekend is coming up...looks like it will entail homework and some surfing! Full moon is on Saturday, so a possible luna run may be on the agenda!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No denying!

I am so happy that I have started classes. I adore my math instructor for he is just so clear and makes things simple. The art history class (Asian) is just so fascinating! We are going to be going through most eastern cultures, from India to Japan. Last night we were looking at pottery from the Neolithic period. I never knew that spending 5 years of learning ceramics/pottery would contribute to anything except nice gifts for my friends and family...however, I no trouble answering questions on the technique and function of the art shown when the instructor asked for ideas. The more amazing part was that I was correct! I am falling in love with Art History again. Sometimes we forget our callings to explore other interests or they just get lost in everyday life. I am sure I was born to surf and be an art historian... I've gained back the passion I had for the subject when I was 21, but now have the patience of a 31 year old to complete my goal.

Above is a excerpt from my notes. It's a copy of a couple fish that I saw painted in neolithic bowl

Sunday, January 08, 2006


This is why I live in California folks! It was in the mid 60's today with beautiful sunshine and fun surf! I can't believe how much sand that two week storm had brought in! There's a beach where there's usually water and the tide was just under a foot! With that sand and low tide, you pretty much have a 6 hour window surf as opposed to a 3 hour window. It felt like spring today. Just getting in the water had rinsed away the two week foul mood that had invaded my body and mind. I feel like I am thinking much more clearly. I start classes tomorrow...Math and Arts of Asia. I decided to take the English/Critical Thinking course in the spring. It will be nice to have a new beginning again.

Click on the image to enlarge it so you can get a better sense of being there. Check out the longboards everywhere!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The '06 Start

Since I didn't work yesterday, today is my Monday. Everyone sure has been keeping me on my toes and it feels just like the start of the week proceeding a holiday. Everyone has been calling me every 20 minutes with some "crisis" they want me to come look at and/or fix. Well, my car is in the shop, so my mobility is limited to where i can walk. To top it off, the mechanic didn't have promising news about my car. Yup, it's Monday disguised as Tuesday.

I'm finding it way more difficult to type with my hand injury here at work. I have a laptop at home and i think the keys are smaller and closer together, so I don't have to stretch my fingers very far.

The surf has been blown out and stormy. It rained the last couple of days like you wouldn't believe, so it's been uneventful for the most part. It's going to clear up tomorrow and for the weekend, so I hope to have more exiting news to tell then. Hope everyone is recovered from New Years and is having a great start of the week!