Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out With A Bang!

My hand is ok! I spend all yesterday morning going back and forth between doctor's offices because the xray tech was out on vacation. Turns out my hand is not broken. The doc said just to ice it, take motrin for the pain, and use it as it will heal faster than if we wrapped it up. I'm like "uh, ok". I had not been able to do anything with my right hand for the past two hurt like hell. The night I injured my hand, my parents, myself and other family went out to dinner. We had sushi, and you can imagine me trying to use chopsticks. That was not happening, so I had go honky-mofo style and use a fork (sorry that offends anyone, but I am half honky mofo myself and am pretty sure that gives me the privilege to use that term...hehe). Anyway, today the swelling has gone down and I am able to use my hand pretty well in spite of the stiffness and soreness. The best thing that came out of this is that I got keep the xrays! This was the 3rd time my right hand has been xray'd and I have always wanted to keep them...they're just so cool! Now I have them! I will replace the generic pic with the real deal on Monday (I have the ability to scan 35mm slides and xrays at work! Awesome!).

So how did this happen? Surfing of course. It was a red flag day, so the current was pretty strong. I was very careful getting into the water, but because the tide was super low, there was backwash coming from 3 directions. If a longboard isn't nose first into a wave, the energy of the impact is extremely intense. Well, because of all the backwash, I wasn't able to turn the board fast enough to punch the nose through the main wave coming in. I had to keep my board in control, but the energy it transfered went right into my ring and pinky finger, jamming them back and out. I managed to paddle out thinking the pain was temporary. Once I knew it wasn't going away, it was extremely easy to catch the forever, endless breaking waves in. I was so disappointed! Looked so fun and everyone was saying they were having a great time! That was my window to surf, and now I am not sure when the weather will let up and I can surf again. *sigh* At least it was just my hand and not my head and I am able to surf at all! I am thankful that's all it was.

Well, I am still feeling a little under the weather, but I should be going out to a New Years Eve Party later on. I had a lot of options, but if I am not with my family, or a girlfriend, I spend it with my best friend Ami.

Happy New Years Everyone!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Snow Kidding!

So moving on towards New Year's weekend, I've got plans to go up to Lake Tahoe. I got the snowboard out and the snow gear. It should prove to be a nice reprieve from the usual. I can't wait. Below are pics of last year. I finally got an adaptor for my one digicam and found snowboarding photos....well, one of me..the other is of Alison scraping the ice off my windshield. I told her she was waaaaaay more experienced at doing that sort of thing since she was from New Hampshire. A native Californian such as myself has no clue what do in such a situation.

PS- It's all good between her and I...I guess I just needed a little patience ;)

Monday, December 26, 2005

After The Event

Ah, another Christmas came and went. It was a good one this year! I had lots of friends and family around, some I haven't seen in years. It been a long time since I had the feeling like I was having a "real" Christmas, which meant having everyone there. My family had been scattered in the last several years, so it hasn't been the same (like the get togethers we had when I was a kid).

I tried to go surfing yesterday, but it just looked like a lot of work for whole lot of nothing. I decided not to suit up and go in. Besides it was raining, and it is so difficult to get dressed in the rain.

I haven't heard from her since the day she told me she didn't feel the same *sigh* I did email her the day after (thursday) and haven't got a response, which is not normal for her. She's probably been busy with family and friends in town and I am trying my best not to freak out. I mean, I trust her, but at the same time I don't want her to change how we've been interacting as friends. I wonder if I blew that when I told her how I felt. I think it's a difficult position for us both.

Live it by day I guess.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Whatever Comes to Mind

I think I am just posting to let go of the thoughts that have been occupying my brain. First, my parents are coming into town tomorrow. We are gearing up to see our enormous family. I am supposed to have breakfast with Alison and Briana tomorrow morning. I really could use the company, since I haven't seen anyone since Wednesday's let down. I guess that's why we have friends. I was invited to a company dinner this evening, and to my surprise I was really into smiling at all the pretty ladies around at the restaurant. I felt invincible for some reason. Even though I was turned down by a girl I was really into, it somehow boosted my self image. Perhaps because she was very flattered and said nothing but great things about me, which in turn flattered me. There's just a mutual admiration, trust and appreciation between us, to which she seems to recognize fully. Pretty good for just a 3 month surfing/email friendship. I am really proud of myself for not freaking out (although there were questionable moments), and proud of her for being so considerate and conscious of my feelings (which I knew she would be). Amazing...People can still surprise you.

The surf has been big, blown out, and stormy. I am not sure when I will be able to surf again :( With all the events that have happened I really needed to release this built up energy. Can't surf, can't inline skate, pools are close. So I went jogging. Twice this week, in the rain. Both times I came in soaked.

*yawn* it's bed time. Tomorrow is a new day. Thank you all for your support in my recent girl-troubles. Hopefully things will turn around again. Looking to the future...

Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let Down

Well, as you can see from the title that things didn't turn out to be what I had hoped (See previous post comments to get idea of whets going on). She was very sweet about it all and extremely positive. Unfortunately, she isn't into women. *sigh*

What can one do... She means a lot to me as a friend, and all can I do is smile and support her decisions. Oh well, I am sure there are other opportunities in the distance.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Eve of Happiness

Gosh, there's a lot going on right now for me. I am on the cusp of something great happening and I will keep you all posted once it happens! I did get out in the water Friday and Saturday! Friday was great, a lot of what is going on has to do with that night's events. Saturday, it was getting stormy, so it was hard to really get any good rides in. Now, it's completely blown out and nasty out in the water :(

I promise to reveal this big something once it happens. I just don't want to jinx it! Stay tuned!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Game of Tag

I've been tagged by Girl On The Blog to write 5 weird habits of mine. Strangely, I am at a loss as to which of my habits are considered weird. Let's see...

5. I giggle when I hear the word "rack". This would be normal if I were like a 10 year old boy, instead of a 31 year old woman.

4. When I get into work in the morning, I yell "GOOD MORNING" and scare the crap out of everyone. Gotta make they're all ready!

3. I look on craigslist every morning to see if someone is selling my dream surfboard: A single fin Classic Noserider, 9'4"-10' (preferably white, triple stringer with nose and tail blocks). It's ok if it's a little beat up, as long as it's water tight.

2. Every three months or so, I re-image my computer. Being the tech admin for my company, I want be sure that I follow the same ethics for my own system.

1. I sing everything to the A-Team theme song. Try it, it works for everything! "I got tagged...I... got ... tagged"

Sunday, December 11, 2005

December to Remember

Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes! T'was indeed my birthday on Friday and I apologies I did not mention it earlier. Everyone at work remembered and they even got me a cake *sniff* Later that evening we headed downtown. San Jose is actually beautiful this time of year...They really try to make it as Christmasy and festive as possible. We had Thai for dinner and then decided we really wanted to AeonFlux because we had heard it was so bad. Alison looks at Ken, Ami, and myself and says "Can you possibly keep quiet?" She was referring to our in-house habits of renting an overly dramatic, "serious" movie and completely tearing it apart through the duration with witty, snide remarks. Kind of like Mystery Science Theatre uncensored. We call it "Bag A Movie". So back to Flux, we were able to contain ourselves somewhat - but after we couldn't hold the snide and witty back! Example:

Those boots she's wearing have compartments in the know to store things like tampons, breathmints, lipgloss, and Charlize's outfits.

Anyway, we were entertained and we had a fun rest of the evening. Now for the surf. It was sooooooooo fun this weekend! Nice swell came in! I went solo yesterday. Today, Nicole and I ended up getting in the water at the same time and paddled out together. I was surprised I kept track of her with waves breaking everywhere and the spread of people all over. There was a lot of movement and a lot of water coming in and trying to go out. I caught several waves which took me right up to the beach and it was a loooooong paddle back. They were worth it... steep and fast with white water unzipping quick behind you. I was taking the waves to the left, getting the most velocity out the wave. I didn't go right once. The elusive Hannah paddled out towards the end of my session. By that time it was getting cold and my arms were shot. It got the point where I was shaking, and Hannah said something about hypothermia, so I figured it was time to go in. It was pretty sad, I was so cold and tired I couldn't even catch a wave in. There were many opportunities and I missed them all, so I had to paddle in. A good time was had however, and I will be going surfing again tomorrow. Pretty good for my first of many December session to come!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


So sorry that I haven't posted, but it's been pretty hectic. I have been trying to read everyone else's however, with some success! It was my birthday was yesterday, so I will be posting more on that, either this evening or tomorrow morning. The surf looks to be right, so perhaps there will be a report on that as well. Hope you all are doing well! Stay tuned!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Variation on a Theme

I had a very different surf session yesterday evening, but with some recurring themes. My friend Jessica from my class decided to come along with me. She has surfed before and is still learning. Cowells was extremely and painfully flat, even with the negative low tide, so we decided to check out the eastside and go over to Pleasure Point. Even there, it was flat, and with the negative low an annoying rock reef was exposed. It did look fun, so we decided on paddling out at 38th. Getting through that reef was just obnoxious! One moment you are in 2 inches of water, next step it's waist high! Lots of dips and holes, not to mention slippery sea grass. We finally made it out and had a great time. The sunset was amazing! It's a little different than Cowells in that you can actually see the sun go down in the horizon. The colors were pure orange and yellow and it just glassed off like you couldn't imagine! Almost mirror-like. Jess and I were the last two out of the water. That seriously was my kind of evening. Mellow waves, no crowds, and a lovely evening glass-off with a spectacular sunset!

I almost forgot! Reading Jason's post about the bar this weekend reminded me that I was actually very social this weekend! It was very busy! Saturday I beer-bonded with my good friend Patty. We have this ritual where we sit down have some beers and bond. There were a lot of new people there to meet and talk to, all Patty's friends. She's actually the reason I started drinking coffee. She works at a coffee shop that I used to frequent and I had the biggest crush on her. I told her how I felt, but she was seeing someone at the time. We decided to be friends, and now we are still good friends after 5 or 6 years. She is still someone I absolutely just love (like family) and trust completely and I wouldn't have it any other way. The other event I had on Saturday was for a new friend of mine from work. She is leaving our company and moving on, so there was a dinner for her. Porsha is awesome has been wanting to hangout for awhile now, so it was cool to socialize outside the realm of our jobs. And Sunday I hung with Jessica, from class as stated above. She is my most recently made friendship and we really get along well. It was so fun to drag her all over Santa Cruz yesterday and she got to meet some of my other friends. It was very interesting to have all these different levels of friendship occur in one weekend, and very enjoyable. I forgot how well I do in groups of people. Perhaps I should do these things more often.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Last November '05 Session

It was so difficult finding the motivation to go surfing on Sunday, but I managed. The swell was dying down by the time I got there, but Nicole and Steve were out. It had been awhile since I surfed with the both of them, and I was eager to hear about how they spent the holiday weekend. Also in the water was my swimming instructor from Foothill, Arno. It was good to see him, too, as well as many other familiars. Hannah was out the day before,and I am kinda bummed I didn't get to see her. Perhaps in the coming weekend. But anyway, I did catch a few, but the waves were rounding out by the time they reached the end of Indicators and not providing a whole lot of pulse. Nicole, myself, and mass of kids that belonged to our friend Randy, caught a party wave that took us from the point to the beach (which is about a football field's length). I didn't quite make it that far, but it was still a long ride. It was about a 20 minute wait between sets, and I started getting cold. I headed in.

I wanted to save my energy (and gas money) for this coming weekend. There's going to be a very negative low tide with a decent swell coming in. I am guessing it will look like this:

That's a good picture of Cowells in December of last year I believe, but I didn't take it. Credit goes to:

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Say what?

I actually do not feel like going surfing today. I am not sure if it's because the temperatures are in the mid 50's (hey, that's cold for a native Californian), or I am just not feeling 100% today, or perhaps the tide isn't going to go past 1.60ft today. God, I have become a wave snob where the conditions have to be to my ideal specifications. I think it's the combo of all the above. Why force myself to drive over the hill and get into cold water? I think the conditions will be waaaay better tomorrow, so I'll just go then.

I had a good thanksgiving with my family. My parents went off on a cruise to the Bahamas, but I still have my huge ass family here. I don't think I've ever gone into my dynasty of kin. I grew up with my mother's family which consists of her having 9 brothers and 2 sisters, thus equaling over 50 cousins and countless children amongst them. It's pretty crazy during xmas with a sea of presents under some poor tree trying to live up to it's life's purpose of being the center piece of the holiday. The amazing thing about my family is that, for the most part, we all get along and really enjoy one another. We've become a little scattered over the years, but we still manage some huge gatherings.

This about a 1/3 of us - taken at my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary back in '03. I am in there somewhere.

Speaking of which, I was the orignal flowergirl for their wedding back in 1978.

Anyway, time to make some lunch...yes I do have turkey, but I think I am gonna opt for something else. Surf report later on this week, stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Random Thoughts

I actually started writing a post back on Sunday, but my stupid laptop froze and lost it. Being too lazy or too busy, I have just now sat down to write. I did surf this past weekend and had a blast. Friday was perfect as a new swell came in. The weather has been holding up and it still feels like spring here. Saturday there was a little bump in the water so it was difficult passing the threshold of catching waves. I was surfing pretty aggressively that day. I was getting up right away and turning and cutting hard, which is pretty unusual for me as I am all for the elegant glide. I actually pulled off a right drop knee by accident! In California the waves usually break right. Being a goofy-footer (my right foot is forward) I am always with my back to the wave, making right hand turns a little more tedious. What a feeling! I was feeling pretty crummy most of the weekend. I had worked a long week and one day was a 14hr day, so I was pretty frazzled.

I also had some minor drama with a friend. Well, she says she doesn't have time to invest in a friendship, having trouble already giving time with to people currently in her life. So a new friendship is just not possible at this time. But she stated that we can still be surfing friends. I hate labels, and I think this is a situation where it's stupid to try and name the current relationship I share with this person. I am trying not take this personally, and it wasn't like she was mean or insensitive, nor trying to shut me out completely...I guess any kind of rejection, no matter how minor, hurts a little. All she had were very good and positive things to say about me. I'm thinking "Then what's the problem?" ...Obviously, it's not me. It totally maybe a time issue with her. Anyway, she was very sweet and kind about it all, we are still "surfing friends", whatever that really means. Damn labels.

Alison is in New Hampshire for a couple more weeks, but everyone else is still around. I think Ami and I are going to hang on Friday. I think we need to branch out some and not bag too many movies or lame TV shows. We may run out of material. I am so glad the school quarter is almost to an end. Next quarter I can take something more enlightening...sorry environmental bio just doesn't do it for me. Anything within the subject of Humanities is more a turn on in my world.

Anyway, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I actually am looking more forward to the 4 days I have off. Surfs up! I am going to have to do something to burn off all the food I plan eat.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Luna Run

It was a full moon last night and I did get into the water. It was so warm outside! It must have been about 75 degrees at least, which gave the illusion that it was late May, instead of November. Hannah was supposed to hang, but didn't make it. Nicole was there and it was cool hanging with her, since it had been awhile since we've surfed together. The waves were pretty small, but the negative low 12" gave us some consistent micro-waves, if you will. It was so mellow, I had felt safe enough to bring the cam out and get some pics.

Not too many people, and not too many waves, but what a beautiful setting!

Spankers galore!

Gettin' a little close to Nicole taking this intimate shot of me.

Cruisin' on a spanker!

The guest of honor

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Photo Journal Post

It's been over a week since I have last posted. I was looking at someone else's photo journal and got inspired to sort of display my own. I have taken so many pics over the years and have been to so many places. Here are some of my favorites. I am doing a full moon surf sesh tomorrow, so I will have more to tell soon! Until then, enjoy my fav's!

Europe 2003

Madrid, Spain - Early Morning Shoot

Madrid, Spain - Protest (You never know what you'll encounter traveling)

Madrid, Spain - Plaza de Mayor Wall Mural

Sneaky me taking photo's in a church

One of the very few photo's I took in Brussels, Belgium

Florence, Italy -Aerial view from my hotel room. I do have a night version of this too that I'll post another time

Rome - Inviting Statue

Florida 2004

Palm Bay, FL - November Sunset: View from my parent's dining room (notice the grids from the screen?)

California Misc.

My boards last year. I still own all but the last two on the left and have gained one more since.

October morning at Shark's Cove -Eastside Santa Cruz

Ace in your face! My loving pitbull who wanted to play rather than fulfill his modeling contract.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


For my lab yesterday we traveled to the Palo Alto Baylands. What an interesting place where freshwater meets saltwater and providing a variety of creatures to gawk at. Before you enter the reserve, the is a duck pond and what a duck pond indeed!

This must be the time of year for spectacular sunsets because I was lucky enough to catch the beauty of the sun retiring behind the hills. The sky was being indecisive about being sunny or whether it should rain. It did both and threw in some thunder and lighting for a dramatic finish.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sweet November

What a wonderful weekend! Saturday I had my posse of Nicole and Steve, and also Michelle and her husband and kids were out. We had a blast. It was one of those evenings where you keep saying "Just one more and I'm going in". The next day I went out about 4pm and caught Hannah just getting out of her car getting ready to go in. It looked small, but we had some good sets roll through. I paddled out ahead, and she met up with me and mouthed "It's cold" as I caught my first wave of the afternoon. She was right...the water temp has dropped into the low low 50's. I have now been reduced to wearing booties and my stiff 4/3 wetsuit. The sun started setting not long after we started, and we were again blessed with a picturesque view of purples, oranges, and pinks shimmering off the water surface. As it got darker, people started to head out, leaving only a handful of surfers in the water. Hannah and I were both going over the "Just one more wave" routine, I was the first to surrender after a couple of fun rides. I waited for Hannah on the beach as an awesome set rolled in. The sounds were incredible in the dark and gave it such a surreal feeling. I could barely make Hannah out in the dark and only knew her by her blue and white Pearson Arrow. I wish all my weekends were like that. It makes the week more bearable.

I did take some night photos, but need to download them. In the meantime, the featured pictured is pretty damn close to what it was like.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The X Factor

This week has been completely weird, in that I have either heard news about an exgirlfriend, or have been contacted by an exgf. First, a former girlfriend of mine back in my early 20's had gotten married, and I have heard recently she is now pregnant. This was a 4 year, long term, miserable relationship and I had been the one who initiated the breakup. It creeps me out that this person is reproducing. My more recent ex had just emailed me a couple days ago. We had not left in the best of terms, but I had previously tried to reconcile our differences, only to get no response. It's been over a year since I had last heard from her. We have been corresponding this week and have decided to try and be friends and I will leave it at that for now.

It's almost the weekend and I am ready to hit the water. Its getting dark so early now :( Guess those glow-sticks I bought will be in use very soon! I'll keep ya'll posted!

Candy from:

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Low Key Leigh

After a very busy week, my weekend finally arrived! What did I do? Whatever the hell I wanted! I woke up Saturday morning and ate the biggest bowl of Lucky Charms ever, then sort of cleaned up my digs. I later went surfing around 2:30pm and had a great time! I didn't have my crew of Nicole and Steve and whoever with me, so I had some Leigh-time in the water. The waves were decent and as I was about to paddle in, Alison came in. We chatted for a little bit, but I was again on my own. Later that evening I was supposed to appear at a couple Halloween parties, but just didn't feel like socializing in big groups. Instead I went over to Ami's place. She got the second CD of the L Word in, so we bagged that. That was a nice end to a relaxing day.

This morning I stayed in my pj's until about 2pm and then decided to go surfing. It was pretty flat today, but I got countless little waves. Nicole was out there and I was happy to see her. But again, very low key and mellow. I came home and made the mistake of buying candy for the kids for tomorrow, in case I decide to stay home. Guess who's going to eat most of those sweets.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Networking Mayhem

After having a short weekend in the beauty of nature, I now find myself up the ass of a server. My company is going through a huge system switch, which includes a server change (from an IBM Netfinity to a Dell PE 2600). This cutover affects everything from sales to operations, so it's a very big deal. My job is to ensure all systems are functional between the cutover and after, so that means that I have to be at all my centers the day before and after. I have 7 centers, and 4 offsites that I service. If you do the math for this week, it calculates to shitload of overtime. Well, one the servers went down at my site here in Campbell and I have been spending the last 24 hours trying to get it functioning for tonight's cutover. It MUST be working in order to do a information migration. I am at the tale end of this issue (thank goodness), but still have quite a long day ahead of me. I actually am waiting for Server Support to finish stuff on their end at the moment, so I have a sort of break.

I have been working since Sunday night, basically just breaking to eat and sleep, and it's gonna be that way until Friday. I will have my social life back and hopefully there will be some surfing involved. I've been a total hermit turning down invites from friends to hangout or have dinner. I'll come back out of my world of wires and data drops soon.

Image from: 200309a.html

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hotel California

I survived my camping trip for my environmental bio class. I actually grew up across the street from the same mountain range, so I was no stranger to the locale. In fact the view you see in the pic is the same is what we saw when we walked out our front door. I still have no idea how my parents were able to sell that house. Anyway, I laughed when people were putting on bug repellent. There are some wimpy mosquito's here in Cali - try just going outside to check the mail in Florida. You'll come back in looking like you've got chickenpox.

We did a lot of hiking and bird watching (lots of raptors and woodpeckers). California has some of the toughest laws protecting it's wildlife and it gives a silent pride being a native to this state. We saw the moon come up, but it was nothing compared to mine and Hannah's surf/moon session. It also made my view of the stars, well, sucky. As to more practical matters, I actually set my camp and tent up myself and did pretty well. And with a not so silent pride, I bragged to my father about my new found skill.

Speaking of my parents, they are in the middle of nasty tornados in Florida. Wilma is approaching and my dad is assuring me that she will stay south and not be anything more than a Cat 2. They are in Palm Bay, near Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. I still worry and I am not sure how they could live there (they've been there for the last 2 years). I will be watching you Wilma. Be nice.

Picture above: My view of our sundown hike amongst the creepy abandoned barn.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Snow White Theory

This past summer I came up with a concept I called the Snow White Theory. For the last couple years I became obsessed with trying to figure out how long it takes humans to become, well, human. My questions were pointed towards the duration it takes people to learn things like compassion, guilt, and selflessness. I also wondered if these traits were innate or learned. So, my answers to these inquires were met with the Snow White Theory, stating that who we are is directly influenced by the people and environment around us. For example, as for the name-sake of the theory, look at the character of Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the story's most simple non-symbolic terms, Snow White is a bland, innocent, and naive person. When you add the other characters, such as the Seven Dwarfs, they somewhat color her world with some dimension and personality (thus them having a human attribute). Not to say we are as basic or boring as Snow White, quite the contrary. I believe we all contribute something to one another. And with that belief I come to the conclusion that from birth, the way we react to situations, the virtues we develop, and emotional maturity we gain, is all influenced by the people that surround us. All of this is nothing new, but how valid is this concept and how deeply are we affected by the individuals that shape our world?

The reason I am, again, revisiting this idea, is because my friend Tiffany added the concept of time to this equation. She simply stated (without even knowing my theory, or us even having any conversation on the subject) "I think it's all about timing. My husband tells that he thinks that it's fate that we are together, and I just laugh. I figure the time was right, meaning that I was emotionally ready to get married. 5 years ago there's no way I could've married him." The nonchalant, "as a matter of fact", shoulder-shrugging way Tiffany said it, really made an impact on my view on how we interact with one another. Do we really move step by step from person to person? Do we somehow evolve as we meet these people? Of course we do, but the question is do we, at the right time and circumstance, meet people that are suitable to our emotional growth and need? And is this somehow planned or freewill (this question was brought up to me by my form Lit Professor, Julie when I had let her in on my subject of obsession. I didn't put much energy into thinking about that factor, but it's seemingly making sense to ask that).

I am going leave here for now, but I sure there will be another epiphany that will come about concerning our humanity.

Illustration taken from:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Harvest Moon

I spent the last three days surfing and I am pretty pooped! Last night was the grande finale of my sessions for the week, as I stayed out with my new friend Hannah and waited for the moon to rise. I got to Cowells at about 4:30pm and EVERYONE was out there: Alison, her roommate Peter, Nicole, Steve, Laurie, Hannah and other familiars. The surf was so fun due to the fading swell and negative low tide! The waves keep rolling in. The sun was going down and it was starting to get breezy and cold. Then then the sun did go down and it was just freezing! But as soon as the moon started peeking from the cloud cover it was just amazing! The clouds were illuminated and the bright moonbeams reflected and shimmered bright orange and yellow on the water surface. It so happened that it was a harvest moon as Hannah pointed out, so it appeared bigger and brighter. I wish I had my camera!

It was very much worth the hypothermia and frozen ass!! I would totally do it again. I don't think I could have had a more fun and beautiful evening.

Picture taken from:

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fall Afternoon

The waves came! After I had been late to Nicole's Kyu and saw some awesome aikido moves, it was to the beach I went. Steamer Lane and indicator was howling! Head high sets came in and it was a shortboard's paradise. I got a pic of a calm moment inbetween the sets:

I am not quite there skillwise yet, although on a negative tide I will sometimes surf the very end of Indicator. So headed back to Cowells. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work paddling. I really need to start swimming again to get my endurance back. Anyway, it turned out to be a sunny day, no rain, but a lot of wind. This after my session (the low tide happen to be in the middle of the afternoon, so it wasn't dark when I got out):

Nicole had just drove up as I was changing, but I went back to the cliff and caught a glimpse of her catching a wave:

When I got home, my friend Briana had been hanging out at my place. I came in and starting doing something in my kitchen and she had just come out the shower was topless! I wish everyday ended like this! Briana is so carefree and very comfortable with herself, so it wasn't a big deal. But I still wish all my days ended like that. Briana and I chatted for awhile and she had to go off to work. I made stuffed bellpeppers, which turned out awesome. Now I am ready to relax!

Gettin' Ready

Sorry I haven't posted since last week, but work and class has been insane (I mean the combination of them both). I, like Alice, am doing whores, I mean chores, such as laundry, dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

I have paused to drink some coffee, eat my banana nut muffin, and check blogs. Its going to be a busy day today. In about half an hour I am going to Santa Cruz for my surf buddy's (Nicole)aikido test, called a kyu, I think. Then on to some surfing right after! There is a swell in, but its pretty windy and rainy out. I'll try to get some atmospheric pics in.

Next week for my environmental bio lab, we are going camping! I can't wait for that! I will be sure to get losta pics on that trip.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Friday Night Special to Sunday Pit Stop

Geez this weekend had been busy! Friday I went surfing until it got dark. At first glance it didn't look like much, but that soon changed with the low tide, then it became just pure fun! I have several really good rides, my turns were awesome. I remember finishing a wave and wishing someone had seen my ride, then I looked up at the cliff and I had an audience of Alison, Briana, Scott, and their dog Kiedus. Yes! The ride had been claimed! They were waving to me with great enthusiasm!

Yesterday I had my niece's 9th birthday to attend. I can't believe she's getting so big, so fast! We went to Golfland with other family members and were there for a few hours. I then decided to go surfing (it was around 5:30pm already). By the time I got to Santa Cruz it was cold and very, very windy. Getting into the water was a challenge as my 9' surfboard felt like 9' kite. When I got into the water, the winds were off shore, so it took a great effort doing anything, especially catching waves. I did manage a few, but it was getting dark and cold. I got bitch-slapped a couple times and was getting tired, so I started in. After changing in the dark and cold, I headed over to my best friend's place for her boyfriends birthday fondue party. I love fondue...I had a great time, met some fun people, but man, I am pooped today!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Getting My Bits Stuck

Last night I had to go into work to take care of some last minute things before my company cutover to a system and procedural upgrade. One lame task they gave the technicians to do was drill a 2"-3" diameter hole on the counter tops so cables could reach through to the data drops. Easy enough, you can buy a drill saw at Home Depot and attach it as a bit. Well, I got back to work, climbed the counter top so I could get leverage and started drilling. I got half way through, the smell was awful, and then the bit snapped, but not before wedging the bit into the counter. Here's what it looked like:

Good thing my boss brought another drill and bit in! I tried again, but the thing flung out of my hands almost taking off my arm! We then decided to get someone with man-arms to take care of that deed. The guy we found also did not have it that easy, but we got it done. The lesson is: Don't let technical people handle power tools. At least ones with girlie-arms.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Autumn Beauty

Ok, so the swell didn't turn out to be as good as I thought it was going to be. It was a NW swell and it couldn't quite make it into the cove. I did catch a few yesterday and met a very cute surfer girl out in the water, so it was well worth the paddle. This morning, however, it looked like a lake. It was absolutely flat on the westside, but beautiful through out Monterey Bay. Finally some good photo ops!!! I just need a better digital camera, but I happy with what I got today.

Nicole and I went over to the Pleasure Point Area, checked out 38th (flat) and Sharks Cove (flat). There was a grom surf contest and we watched that for awhile and that totally made the trip over well worth my time. Those kids ripped!

I decided to rest today and let my vocal chords recover. I may go night surfing tomorrow, but we will see if the tide turns and the swell pushes.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Rest Time

This is the first night all week I've had a chance to sit down and relax. Its been one of the most busiest weeks I have had in a long time! I started my Environmental Bio class which I have been enjoying. My instructor is fabulous, however she teaches class like everyone is 15yrs old, and I don't really appreciate being treated like a teenager. She is passionate about what she does and manages to get her point across otherwise.

My former roommate, Sylvia, came into town Wednesday night and has been staying with me. We've had a blast and it's just like old times! I had a few other friends over for dinner last night and made spring rolls and some other veggie dishes (very low maintenance and everyone loved it). We sat around and made fun of The O.C. when it came on (Alice, you would have loved the snide remarks made), and then Waterworld happen to on, so we bagged that as well. Yep, good times.

Sylvia left for Pacifica to see her brother and nieces, so I have my place to myself again. I lost my voice from either my allergies or talking too much, or both. Surfs definitely up tomorrow afternoon around 3pm. Yes, I have homework now...but its nice having something responsible to do, besides my techie job (which is extremely, insanely busy right now!). I'll report more on the surf this weekend, and I am hoping that it'll another classic fall session and I get some 5's in just like the above pic.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tough Questions!

So what's the difference between a leotard and unitard? Well, nothing really...just that all unitards are leotards, but not all leotards are unitards. The real question is: should this guy be wearing one??

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Night Surfing!

I think I had one of the most fun and memorable surfing sessions this evening. Nicole and I met up at Cowells at about 7pm and got in the water as then the sun was setting. The water was gorgeous, glowing purples and oranges. There were only two other surfers when we got in and a guy and his 4 kids joined us as well. The waves started coming in as the tide was getting low and the dark was setting in. It was just plain fun. The guy and his family went in as did the 2 other surfers, so it was just myself and Nicole with waves to ourselves. Such an awesome experience surfing without sunlight, using your skill and senses to catch waves. I think I surfed way better because I couldn't see behind me, I popped up right away and really felt my way through. I started getting comfortable, but then I heard a sea lion barking and realized once again that I could be prey to a large fish (however unlikely). That was about when Nicole and I decided to go in. I definitely want to do that again

PIC: We see a lot of these guys in California. As cute as they are, sea lions are also a favorite food of great white sharks.
Photo Courtesy of

Sunday, September 18, 2005

End of the Weekend

Well that was fun! My arms are pretty much useless from all the paddling. I need to start swimming again and get my arms back in shape for this winter surfing season. Today wasn't as big as it was on Friday or yesterday morning, but it was still super fun! It has been awhile since I last surfed in the afternoon and miss that evening glass-off feeling. It was sunny and warm, and it seems EVERYONE was out surfing today. I did get a lot of rides and a few really good rides and Steve witness my cross-step to hangin'five wave! That was a flawless ride! Ahhhhh...if it could always be like this. The swell is fading but we are expecting a new SW Swell to fill in at the end of the week again. I can't wait!

The picture above: No fog, no bedhead, just a soft gentle conclusion to a bangin' weekend.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Moment

I got up at 5:45am this morning, drove over the hill and saw breaking waves at Cowells! Low tide was at 3:30am, so I was delighted to see that it was still pulsing and pushing some decent sized waves! The rides were a bit bumpy and hard to catch as they were rounding out because of the incoming tide. I was also on Alison's board, The Tank, so there is some adjustment there. But it was still damn fun! I took the above pic after my session and will take more throughout the weekend. The below pic is of a car i always pass on the way to Casa Bueno (Alison's & Briana's house) and I thought I would get a shot of it this morning on the way to return The Tank.