Monday, April 12, 2010

Redwood Planks in Surf City

On Friday there was an unveiling for the new plaque that is to be placed by the lighthouse here in Santa Cruz. It commemorates the summer 3 Hawaiian Princes surfed the Rivermouth back in 1885. This literally cements in stone that Santa Cruz is the first place on the Mainland to be surfed.

It was a beautiful day and just a memorable ceramony... very aloha in every regard. Ever since I've been surfing, the story of the princes had been sort of an old legend. To see all the paper work and research spread across in Kim Stoner's living room it was in fact, well, fact.

Here's the article and sort of an addendum to this whole deal:


cooper said...

The photos are great and I like that you are updating again.

Leigh said...

Me to Coop :)