Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The People Whisperer

Does anyone ever master the art of dealing with people? I tried in vain this week to tell someone how I felt about them... I waited all week and did not get that chance. It wasn't something I felt that should be done over the phone, or txt, or email. I believe my feelings deserved more than that.

I guess when I mentioned to her that I wanted to talk to her she knew what I wanted to say and I have been pretty much off her radar since.Thing is, she didn't even hear me out. I really wasn't looking to get anything from her or ask her to commit in any way. I simply wanted her to know because the line between friendship and something else has become a bit fuzzy. I feel I owe that to her and the friendship we share.

It's been busy, and I seem to always choose people who have a lot going on in their lives. I give my all to people who really have nothing to give, and I'm don't blame them. It's just that they are concentrating on getting their lives back on track. My timing isn't right nd I should really find people who in a similar space, because man, I telling you... I am worn out.

Is it ever easy? Words I must remember if I truly love something and am willing to let it flourish....

"Any thing you grow or raise requires time to get the desired results. If you hurry it or force it against it's nature, you will either destroy it or live with it's retardation. Time, love & patience is what it takes."