Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Unexpected

This year really started on the rough side. After my Florida vacation I came to a full schedule of personal obligations to those I love, not to mention starting as a board member for the SCLU. I almost got fired from my job and lived two weeks of hell at work, and still am very resentful. As for the mini-dramas for myself and my friends and family, those of course are ever present. Dealing with these issues has become very tiresome.

However, not everything has been a struggle. I am happy to report the Cowells sand bar has made it's come back! Had some just beautiful and dynamic storms! I have had a blast surfing on really calm days... it's going to be a great spring and summer!!

We had heard that it was going to be an El Nino year and the buzz was all about the sand. As predicted, we got exactly what we wanted. And, for the most part, things for me personally are moving in the direction I've been trying for so long to go in. Three months ago I was pretty miserable, but things are starting to pick up and go my way. Let's see how it goes!

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Hobbes said...

That second picture is so beautiful!