Monday, October 05, 2009

Where'd September Go?

Well looks like I missed September altogether and that was a pretty exciting month! I actually went on vacation last month to New Orleans and Florida. My friend Jessie had moved to NoLa to attend med school at Tulane, so I had booked a flight to go see her. Also, my family lives in Pensacola and I got in a visit with them too!

St. Louis Cathedral... just after a down pour in the French Quarter:

Dessert at the Cafe du Monde - Cafe au Lait with Beignets:

Beautiful houses of First Street - this one across from the famous Anne Rice Mayfair home:

A storm brewing off of Navarre Beach in Florida:

I got back home and took another week off and then returned to work and got sick. Better now but there hasn't been a whole lot of surf to speak of. Here and there swells, but nothing significant. We went out last evening and it's already freezing! The Cold Water Classic should be happening in a couple weeks and hopefully we'll get in a good swell! It's supposed to be an El Nino year, meaning more storms and rain... hopefully!


cooper said...

Your vacation sould awesome. The photpgraphs are great - some damn spooky.

Hope all is well, and you are feeling better.

weirsdo said...

Great pictures. I have lived far too long down here without visiting New Orleans.