Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moving Full Speed

May was such a busy month, as was this one. The SCLU Memorial Day contest was a success... as a club we won overall. I didn't advance in my heat but I had a great cheering section of friends and caught a killer wave with all the fanfare in the background. Nothing like surfing home field!

I had moved at the beginning of June and am very much enjoying my new place. It is really close to the beach and I in fact rode my bike there this morning to do a surf check. I can easily walk down with my surfboard and am close to all my friends.

Life is moving forward. My friend Jessie will be moving to New Orleans in a few weeks. She'll be attending Tulane for medical school. I'll miss her, but I will be visiting her in September. I just booked tickets to New Orleans thru Labor Day and will also be spending time in Pensacola as well with my dad's family. I think it's going to be a fabulous trip!!

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cooper said...

Sounds like a wonderful life. You have a great summer and enjoy all your trips and your beach.:)