Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gearing Up!

It has been an extremely busy month... I can't even believe how much more stuff is going on within the next couple weeks as well. Let me start this post by back tracking. The last sensible weekend I can remember. The LogJam... yes, I got 6th place. It was the least I have ever done for a trophy. I was having a time catching waves for that contest. For some reason I wasn't feeling it. But, I had a great time just being there and hanging out with friends and family that were there.

Shortly after that I dog/house sat for a good friend. Well, everything went fine, except on Mother's Day, the extremely elderly dog took a turn for the worst and passed on the following day. It was not a pleasant situation, especially since my friend had not returned. Thank goodness her daughter was around and took care of the dirty work, so to speak.

Now this week, we are getting ready for the Santa Cruz Longboard Union Annual Memorial Day Weekend Invitation contest. It's our 25th Anniversary running the contest, oldest longboard contest in California. I am on the contest committee and am also surfing in it! So it's going to be a lot of work, but well worth it!!

Also, I am moving at the end of the month!! I am so excited about my new place... for one thing, it is my own! No housemates! My own place again! YAY!! It's closer to the beach, and my friends populate the neightborhood. Also, there's an outdoor shower, and hot tub, as well as a place for my surfboards and bike!! It's basically the converted attic of my friends house with a seperate entrance... it's just beautiful inside (my friend is an architech) and the space is divided into functional spaces! Pics to come!

Speaking of pics, attached is of the newest edition to my board collection:

This is a Bob Miller 6'3 Egg... bought it used and in pristine condition. I may have to just keep in the house and hang it for a month or so before I wax it up and give it a try... it's just so cute and pretty!

That's it for now... contest results and updates to come!


cooper said...

Good luck with the moves the rest just sounds like too much fun. ;0

Hobbes said...

Hope all went well after the dog died.
Happy New Year.