Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Old Habits, New Outlook

So far, 2009 has presented a lot of different scenarios for me. I come to realize that some of the people in my life really don't belong in it. My kindness has been taken advantage of for too long, and my patience is really starting to wear thin.

"Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others"

Perhaps I am the one at fault believing that I could help someone make a positive change. But in truth, people have to want to help themselves first.

Anyway, on the more positive note, my surfing is just getting better and better! This season has been super slow, but it seems to have picked up this month. This past week alone I've been out 6 days in a row, and plan a go out today. My hang fives have been so consistent that I can no longer count how many times I can run up to the nose and plant my right foot at tip. This past week I've been planting both feet at the edge, giving me a ten! This occurred 5 different times! It's so exciting so have something new to try for during a session.

All day yesterday I felt sick and had the worst headache. I got home, ate and took and took an IBU. Felt way better and surfed until about 6pm - all my friends were out it was just a blast! The weather has been in the 70's here. It was way after dark when I paddled in which was awesome because usually as soon as the sun sets it's just too cold to stay out.

This week I will be in the Stockton/Modesto area, so no waves for a few days.


cooper said...

Dear Leigh how I missed this post I will never know. I hope your circumstances sort themselves out, people sometimes need to be re-arranged,sometimes people just pollute us.

I hope your surfing continues to be mighty fine, it sure sound lovelier than the ice I suffer here.

Peace out dear girl and keep me up to date.

Leigh said...

Coop - Thanks darlin'. People do affect us in many ways.

It's been freezing over here! I will definitely keep you posted!

weirsdo said...

I admire your ability to learn new athletic feats into adulthood.