Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Like Surf and I Vote

It's now November and there is a ton of stuff going on. It's election day today... I already voted on Sunday, so that's taken care of. Just waiting to see the results of California's Prop 8 - I voted NO on this horrid idea to take rights away from people. From this point forward, I will no longer talk about politics, because that's all they are... politics. They really have no place in my life.

Let me now talk about the important things in my life... the people who are in it day to day. My friend Laura is scheduled tonight to be induced for labor. I am so excited! She is actually due on the 15th, but the doctors wanted the baby out earlier than later. So tomorrow night, I'm going to watch her two year old, while her and her partner, Fritz, deliver their son. It really amazes me to think in 48 hours there will be a new baby around! It really trips me out!

Meg and Brian are in Scorpion Bay again... I wish I went with them. Perhaps in April, when the funds are more available after taxes. Right now I am dog/house sitting for them, so it's been sort of a mini-vacation. The week of Thanksgiving, I will be going to down to Southern California for a visit with my friend Ami. I can't wait to just take some time off of work and get out of Santa Cruz and the Bay Area for a little bit. It's been a year since I've taken full on vacation. There's been a lot of things that have happened since (my teeth being pulled, moving, the passing of my aunt, opening up the coffee shop, and other highly emotional ordeals). I am going to enjoy this long awaited reprieve.

It's been raining here the last couple of days. I got out to surf on Sunday and had a blast. I took out the Wee 7' Board. I didn't expect much, but I think that's when you have the best time. Basically, I just went out to practice popping up on that shorter board, but ended getting in a good session! Love that!

Leigh out!


cooper said...

There needs to be a gate to keep those Mormon's out. There money at least. I really can't understand how that happened in California of all places.

It sounds like fun, going away for a few days that is. Not necessarily the watching the two year old part but that could be fun too I suppose.

hugs dear girl and enjoy you time off if you take it.

Leigh said...

LOL I agree Coop! California, believe it or not, has a large Mormon population... I grew up surrounded by them! It's unfair and un just... I know this will get turned over, I have no doubt. It's unconstitutional.

As far as going away, I'm in Santa Maria right now... but working. My vacation got approved, so I will be taking a week off to play!

hugs to you!