Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Westside Story

I can't believe it's the middle of November already! It's been quite an exciting week... my friend Laura had her second child. I watched her 2 year old while her and her partner Fritz were in the hospital. The next day I went to see her and her new son. He was less than 24 hours old, and I believe that is the newest baby I've ever held.

Also, this week, I am in Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo for work. I believe this is my last trip down here as I am passing off my duties to some to cover locally. It's been windy, so I haven't made it out to Pismo to see what the surf is doing. Plus with the sun setting at around 5pm, it's impossible to enjoy an afternoon, well, because there isn't one.

Before I left Santa Cruz, I was able to get in some really fun surf sessions. It was going off all weekend and when I return home tomorrow, there should be a new swell in with super low tides = tons of fun!

Below is a video of what it was like on the Westside this past weekend ... waves from left to right.



Hobbes said...

Beautiful sport, beautiful setting, and very expert hula-hooping at the end.

cooper said...

Congratulations to your friend on the birth of her child.

Loved the video. I always think of the west coast as a place the Sun sets late, forgetting it really does not.

Leigh said...

hobbes - I know, such a photogenic activity. I was laughing at the hula girls!

Coop - Thanks, both mom & son are looking and feeling great! I wish the sun would set later :( This past weekend I've been surfing way into the dark of evening. At we had a beautiful moon rise to accompany the twilight.