Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Same As It Ever Was

I'll be glad when this week is over. Last night I didn't set my alarm. Usually, I don't need one and can get up on my own. Not this morning. One of those days I wish I could just crawl back into bed.

This past weekend I drove up to Pacifica to join the NorCal Women's Surf Club in a friendly scrimmage. It was freezing, but we all put on jerseys and did mock heats as if we were in a contest. It was great meeting the different women in the club and just the diversity of surfers was amazing to see. Going up to Linda Mar and surfing a beach break really makes me appreciate the wonderful point breaks we have in Santa Cruz. Spoiled!

Last night a couple friends and I went to the Pacific Rim Film Festival at the Rio. It was free yesterday and there were two features. The first was called "Dance into Bali", which was a documentary about Balinese dance. Very mesmerizing! At the end of the short film, the creator of the film did a live performance of a traditional dance. I was just in a trance watching it the whole time! It was great!

The second film was called "Out of the Blue". This was a looking into the begining of surfing in Santa Cruz, and really featured a spot dear to my heart: Cowells. Local legends were in the theater, including Harry Mayo. It was great seeing footage of surfings riding waves at Cowells in 1940's on wood paddleboard... no wetsuits! When I see historic surfing materials of Santa Cruz, it makes my experience living and surfing here so very special. I think that's why I enjoy being in the Longboard Union... it makes me feel like I am carrying on a long tradition.

You can always find this photo in any surf-themed shop in this town. Original Santa Cruz Surf Club in the 1940's, with my homebreak as the back drop, Cowells.

The Oneill Cold Water Classic is going on this week at the Lane. The scaffolding went up this past weekend, and local trials were yesterday. I managed to ride my bike over there and got some vidoe of practice sessions for the next days heats. There's a bit of swell in the water, so there were some nice rides. I haven't extracted the footage from my camera yet, but I'll post what have later this week.

Hopefully I'll be having my own sessions and nice rides later this week as the tides drop.


weirsdo said...

I envy your films.

ThatBeeGirl said...

nothing like a good film festival!

Shayna said...

Oh my goodness... I didn't realize that back then the boards were so long/big whatever.

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

I hope this finds you doing great/wonderful! Miss ya!

Butch Boo said...


Jealous- no surfing here in London!!!



Leigh said...

Weirsdo- Thanks!

Bee - I'm with you on that!

Shayna - They were logs! Literally! Hope you are doin well and good to see you on other sites as well :)

Butch Boo - LOL that would be interest if there was! I think you'd have to go to Cornwall to surf.