Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Less People, More Waves

What a cold morning! It is definitely October. Yesterday afternoon when I went surfing, the water had a bit of a bite to it... the waves were VERY small, but I needed to get in. I had one girl run over my arm while paddling in for a wave and one guy almost nail me in the head with his board as he was goofing around. No apologies, just "Almost got ya". *sigh* Yes, it's October... evening tides and 100 people wanting your waves.

Anyway, this past weekend was my niece's birthday. My family and I went up to San Francisco to check out the newly remodeled Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. I must say, I expected a lot more. Everything seemed to be in a bigger scale, but that's it. They took out all the space stuff and made a state of the art planetarium. The aquarium seemed less, but they put in a huge kelp forest tank and another amazon exhibit. The facility was so crowded and didn't seem adequate for such a crowd. So, I was a little disappointed.

There was a white alligator however:

It looked unreal as it sat lethargically on the rock. It had spatters of blood all over it, hopefully from a live meal. The only way you can accept it's authenticity of a living creature, is by watching its eyes... the lids would move. I always feel bad for creatures in captivity, although this one probably would not be alive in the wild, having no camo to disguise it from it's prey.

After we left Golden Gate Park, we drove towards the piers. It was fleet week and you could see the Blue Angels flying overhead. It was super crowded and we just ended up driving through. From the streets you could see the floating city of one of the cruise ships. They are just so massive!!

We got home pretty late. Sunday I decided to basically just do stuff for me, since the last couple of weeks have been in the service of others. I worked on my new laptop and was having trouble with a driver for my DVD burner. The laptop was second had and has Vista on it. So, navigating has been a bit of a bitch. I did a bit of yard work and visited my friend Meg.

Hopefully today the waves will pickup. It was pretty ugly out there with so many people and so few waves. I believe it's a full moon tonight. Perhaps a Luna Run? We'll see!


weirsdo said...

Moonlit surfing sounds great!
It is amazing how much they get into those cruise ships.

cooper said...

People will kill it.

I'm still envious of you. A friend just called me to let me know they arrived at Hatteras NC state park early this morning, and the surf was spectacular. The park, only one tenth full, and that with mostly surfers.

I thought to pop over here directly after that call. ;)

Leigh said...

Weirsdo - It's a beautiful experience! I didn't last yesterday, it was just too crowded and I got out before 5:30pm :(

Those cruise ships are like little floating cities!

Coop - It was extremely crowded again yesterday afternoon. I'm hoping later this week as the tide moves later and later I can get in some nice sessions with less ppl.

Hatteras, I heard, is a pretty awesome spot! You should pop over there after that call! But, I am always flattered that you think of me ;)