Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grand Opening

This past week was overwhelmingly busy. My friend/surfbuddy Jessie has been immersed in opening up a coffee shop for last few years. It finally opened yesterday. It came together amazingly fast and a couple weeks ago she asked if I could set up her network and registers. So for the last two weeks we have been working endlessly to get the shop up and running. Up until the last minute we had the registers not communicating and other technical issue. I managed to get one working register before they opened and by end of day, I had them both running. There are a more things to iron out, but we opened with success!

It was a very sweet day and they had lots of visitors and customers. Here's a few pics:

Jessie making me a latte.

This place has quite a bit of square footage!

The signs went up before opening day!

I still have to go back and finish up some details regarding firewalls and security. It's so nice, though, to see everything come together.

There wasn't a whole lot of surf while all this was going on. I actually missed out on a couple of nights, but was on it the last two. I had brought out the Princess Cruiser the last two times I surfed. Oh, how I missed her. Such a great board! Last night I took out the Orange Dreamsicle and just had a blast! Also, a great board... my time on the nose has doubled and it just gets great velocity and turns with great power.

I'll surf tonight and then tomorrow the SCLU meeting is on at 6pm. Maybe I can squeeze a go out in :) Also, next week I am supposed to join some key people in meeting with the city and surf school instructors to discuss the issues we've been encountering in the water at Cowells. The situation has been getting out of hand and there's been a lot of regulations being ignored by the schools. I'll report on how that goes.

Hopefully things will slow down a bit and I can have a little more me time.
Until the next post...


Paula Brooks said...

Hey Leigh... how ya been doing?

weirsdo said...

I love coffee shops. Hope it does well.