Friday, September 19, 2008

Light Show

For some reason I always get sick around the end of September or October. It's always the same thing: a nasty sore throat followed by sinus pressure and pain, ending with a cough. Monday it began, I felt the sore throat coming on. I totally missed the low tides this week and don't think I am well enough to go tonight. I made it out Monday, just as I was getting sick, knowing full well that I was only going to get worse and it would be my only chance for a session. It was worth it... uncrowded and fun.

I had missed two days of work and went back yesterday. I tried to go home at 2pm, feeling a little feverish, but the universe had a different plan for me. My friend and I were out talking by my truck (as per her suggestion since she was on break and didn't want to be disturbed and it was at a better distance than hers, parked right in front of the door) and as we were closing our conversation and saying g'bye, a transmitter on a power line exploded right above us, creating a huge lighting effect. It was so loud and the flashes of light were so intense, we had no idea the hell had just happened. The snapped wire had hit a moving car and stopped it dead in the street. When we realized what had happened and my friend stopped screaming, we ran into work, knowing already that the power was out. I had to make a couple calls letting certain work groups we were down. I came back outside and the fire department had arrived clearing clueless people off the sidewalk. They wouldn't let me back near my truck because the live wire was laying right in front of it ... we were that close! My friend pointed out to me that it was a good thing we had move to my truck, because hers was right underneath the poll! Most of Pacific Avenue was out of power and created quite a traffic jam. Well, everything was restored, but the epiphany that my friend and I had come out of that uninjured was pretty amazing, considering the proximity of where we were standing and the timing of it all. We were fucking lucky.

A downed line that popped up on the 3rd Street on Beach Hill:

Anyway, after I came home, I saw that the one morning glory in my yard had closed:

My housemate had pulled all the greenery on the side of the house, and these guys just came on their own. It was so pretty opened, but I think more beautiful closed. I can't wait for more of them to come out! Love those volunteers!

Hopefully, I'll have some upcoming surf sessions to talk about. All I got to do was film some of my friends surfing... but it was cool. Until next time...


cooper said...

The pics are gorgeous L. Take care of yourself.

Leigh said...

Coop - thanks, I'm trying :)

Hobbes said...

Wow. Close call.