Friday, August 08, 2008

Rise of the Phoenix

Last month was quite eventful. I almost feel like I've lived a life time, emotionally that is. Since I've started writing posts for this blog, I've always had been interest in the concept of how a person becomes who they are... the concept of the journey and reaction to environment.

First off, I moved. I live in town now, all of Santa Cruz at my front door. The move itself was fairly easy since I had a pretty good layover. I trickled in all my stuff and my dad came and helped me with the few bigger items I had. The neighbors are all very sweet and welcoming, so the neighborhood is great. It was the cost of moving that really did me in with this move. I was in the hole for awhile and the bank had held two of my checks, making for a very stressful situation. Fortunately, that has been resolved this week.

During those stressful several days, two things happened. First my aunt, my uncle's wife, passed away. She was 71 and had a wonderful, full life. She's the mother of 6 of my cousins and the hardest thing was watching them go through the loss of their mom. I traveled with them to the Philipinnes and met up with them in Rome, so I have very fond memories of my aunt. We just had the funeral on Tuesday, and it was just beautiful. I got to see my cousins and relatives which always makes me happy.

The other event that took place was that I had to take my housemate to the ER for a kidney infection. She had a transplant long ago, so it was pretty intense when I took her in. She was in the ICU for about a day and a half. She is home now and her mom is staying with us for the week. Everything seems to be fine so far, except her blood sugar is still high.

Now, as I write this, things are semi status quo. Oh, I think I forgot to mention I had gotten pulled aside by a couple of the managers in the centers I work in and got a talking to about spending too much time with a coworker (the one I had been involved with last year) and that I am distracting her from her work. There were no facts involved, just hearsay and info from "people" complaining. Sounds like jealous "people" to me.

Hopefully all the turmoil that has happened since June 2007 calms down and gives way to a more peaceful period in my life, filled with people who very much want to be a part of me and will contribute positive energy to my life. I'm looking forward to shedding this skin that I have outgrown and am ready for another serene and happy time to come.


weirsdo said...

Sorry for your loss.
I hope your housemate recovers.
Good luck with all new ventures.
I hope you know what I think of managers and other administrators.

Leigh said...

Thank you, everything has been a lot better. lol - I'm sure our views of management are very similar!

cooper said...

I'm sorry for your loss as well Leigh. I hope indeed that the energy surrounding you this coming year is as you wish it. You have been busy. Your living situation sounds wonderful. I'm, as ever,envious.