Monday, August 18, 2008

Mini-Boards, Sand Sculptures and High Times

The surf has been pretty fun the last several days. The later part of last week Bob Miller let me take out a 7' egg/fish shaped board. It's pretty wide and I had no trouble catching waves due to it's hull-like volume. I had a great time on it and can't wait to try on some bigger/steeper waves. The pic on the right shows the Wee Board next to the Princess Cruiser. (The Wee Board already has a name and it's not even mine... yet!)

Speaking of the P. Cruiser, I've been going back and forth as to whether I should sell her or not. She has some minor dings here and there and I keep having the reoccurring glassing issue with the area around the fin box. She also has a delam bubble on the deck. So, I think her life with me is over, but I do love the shape and feel of this board. The thing is, this is an "off the rack" board and I can go to the Arrow Shop and get another one just like it. Or have Bob shape me a nice custom performance board like it, and pay the same price. Maybe I'll call it the "P. Cruiser II".

I took the Orange Dream Machine out this morning, after a couple week break. The weight of that board is just perfect! I love throwing my weight around on it and the beautiful, elegant delay/glide that comes with a heavier board. The stabilty this board has when cross-stepping and noseriding is exactly why I had this board made!

Last week was very normal and back to routine and I am happy for it. It allowed me time to really settle into my new place and find a new routine. Finally, I bought lights for my bike... a must if that's going to be a primary source of transportation! I've been biking to Trader Joe's and the Farmer's Market. Yesterday evening I rode over to the beach, parked it the bike and went for a stroll. Came across a creative sand sculpture:

It's just been great cruisin' around and most of my friends have come by, since they all live within walking or biking distance. I do have a nice yard and deck and bought some roses and palm for those areas. Maybe by the spring I can get some planting boxes and get a garden going. Speaking of growing, when I was in Border's looking for surfing magazines, I saw this special issue of High Times:

The funny thing is, I ended up purchasing this issue for a friend who loves women in bikinis and ganja! I told her it was almost like buying porn, but I had to, since rarely do you find such a thing to fit someone's demographic so perfectly. I think the girl ringing the sale was the one who was embarrassed as she kept trying to cram the receipt into a page that had a naked chick with pot covering her privates. I laughed and thought it funny as she turned bright red and laughed uncomfortably.

That's how we roll here... Leigh out!


cooper said...

Eh, she has nothin compared to you. ;)

I look at those boards and get immediate wanderlust. A friend of mine is living at a beach in Delaware where believe it or not there is some good surf, him and another friend - a Cornell engineering major and a psych-philosophy guy are - are starting to make surf boards...I haven't had time to get up there I've been busy with a new job and now getting ready to go back to school but I hope to get up there and see what they are getting in to.

happy Surfing my friend.


weirsdo said...

Surfer lingo is like poetry--noseriding, Princess Cruiser, Orange Dream Machine.
HIGH TIMES looks pretty tame, and I agree with Cooper about the cover girl.
How nice to live near one's friends. I, on the other hand, am happy to have a house set back and off. I have seceded from the Red States.
We are growing tomatoes on our terrace. Much less labor to grow them in tubs, away from bugs, weeds and critters of all persuasion, than to put them directly in the ground.

Leigh said...

Coop - awww thanks! Surfers are always getting into stuff... doesn't surprise me the east coast has got some waves, especially around hurricane season. Hope you get up there, and take a break from the job and school ;)

Weirsdo - I think boxes are the way to go... gophers are just a pain! I do have some roses I am going to plan tomorrow, directly in the ground. Hopefully the critters will leave those alone. And yes, the High Times was pretty tame... you think a bunch of stoners could coordinate a successful sexy photo shoot?