Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crystal Clear

What happened to the warm weather? It was just beautiful a couple weeks ago - warm sunshine, light breezes, glassy clear water. I broke out the Standup Paddle board and went for a cruise. This week was windy and it sprinkled yesterday. I went surfing the other morning and it was like paddling out into ice water. I took 4 waves and came in freezing. They say April is when the waters here are at their coldest. I went all winter without booties and am just now having to put them on. I guess that is what spring is like here. Warm weather and water, come back please!

I'm house/dog sitting for my friend this week. I miss my bed though... there is no place like home. Not a whole bunch going on... I've been to the dentist a couple times this month, and on the 2nd I am having my top two wisdoms out. Honestly, I have a lot of anxiety regarding this procedure. Right before I go to bed I have a sort of panic attack. Jess suggested I request Valium to take right before I go in. I'm starting to think that's a good idea!

On a totally unrelated topic, my housemate gave me a Dino-egg as part of a beautiful Easter basket she made me. I took it to work and kind of made it a little science project for myself and my friend's 11 yr old daughter.

After 24hr's of being a cup of cold water, it started to hatch:

So cute! We were all excited! Then after about 4 days it grew even more:

I was out of town when the tail broke through, so I have no pics of that. But you will all be happy to know the dinosaur is fully hatched and living a healthy life. He may show up now and again in this blog.

That's all for now... Leigh out!


Hobbes said...

Just be careful. We have a lot of dinosaurs on Stuffed Animal Planet, and they can be vicious.

Cooper said...

Glad to see you're still alive and kicking. I'm just hoping to get near a beach again before this three years of school is up.b


i really want a pet, amayb I should get a Dino. ;0