Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Crystal Clear

What happened to the warm weather? It was just beautiful a couple weeks ago - warm sunshine, light breezes, glassy clear water. I broke out the Standup Paddle board and went for a cruise. This week was windy and it sprinkled yesterday. I went surfing the other morning and it was like paddling out into ice water. I took 4 waves and came in freezing. They say April is when the waters here are at their coldest. I went all winter without booties and am just now having to put them on. I guess that is what spring is like here. Warm weather and water, come back please!

I'm house/dog sitting for my friend this week. I miss my bed though... there is no place like home. Not a whole bunch going on... I've been to the dentist a couple times this month, and on the 2nd I am having my top two wisdoms out. Honestly, I have a lot of anxiety regarding this procedure. Right before I go to bed I have a sort of panic attack. Jess suggested I request Valium to take right before I go in. I'm starting to think that's a good idea!

On a totally unrelated topic, my housemate gave me a Dino-egg as part of a beautiful Easter basket she made me. I took it to work and kind of made it a little science project for myself and my friend's 11 yr old daughter.

After 24hr's of being a cup of cold water, it started to hatch:

So cute! We were all excited! Then after about 4 days it grew even more:

I was out of town when the tail broke through, so I have no pics of that. But you will all be happy to know the dinosaur is fully hatched and living a healthy life. He may show up now and again in this blog.

That's all for now... Leigh out!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Fool's Here

Last month was actually pretty eventful! I'm not sure why I didn't post this, but I was inducted into the Santa Cruz Longboard Union on March 5th! We are gearing up the for the annual Memorial Day Invitational for next month - lots of exciting things going on right now!

Last week I acquired a longboard from a gentlemen who didn't have the room for it. It's a heavy monster single fin - here it is pictured next to the Princess Cruiser:

Very old school! The specs are approx: 9'7" x 22" x 2.5" x 17.5" x 16" - I think the fin is pretty awesome too:

I'm not sure when I will take it out, perhaps this week. The structural integrity of this board is sound, according to my trusted friends, one of which helps out in a shape shop. I just need to wax it up. Sometime in the future I plan to give it a paint job that isn't so obnoxious.

Next week I am taking a Philosophy class and lap swimming to be rid of this winter chub I have been packin'. Better get in all the surfing in I can, as usual.

This past weekend I got the wave of the day - a nice shoulder high wave, perfectly in the slot, passing all my friends, who are all hootin' and cheering. Just classic!

Out for now!