Monday, February 18, 2008

Trucks Are For Girls

After a long wait, I finally got my truck! I love this vehicle! Why didn't I get a truck before? So easy getting surfboards in and out. The above pic is the Princess Cruiser's first ride! I have a tailgate rack on order, so the towel and bungee cord are very temporary.

The surf was pretty big this weekend. I went out Sunday and had a so-so session. I can't wait for the surf to calm down and the sandbar to smooth out... all in time I guess.

I am pondering taking classes in the spring - just to get back into using my brain. And I think swimming would be great to take too.

That's all for now - just wanted to show off the new toy.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February Escape

It's been a super busy time at work, and it's just going to become even more busy at the end of this month approaches. The rain has been making it difficult to surf, but we finally have had a break this week and it's been dry. I went out with Jessie yesterday and we had a great session... beautiful sunset! This was our view as we were changing out of wetsuits... Jess pulled out her camera phone, so I had to too. The Princess Cruiser posed willingly for this great shot:

We headed to Olitas for $6 tacos and margaritas to end a perfect surf sesh. Later we went back to her place to watch bad reality TV and the results of Super Tuesday. Hopefully today the surf will be kind again and I can have a repeat of yesterday.

This weekend I am supposed to get my new truck - I have been waiting FOREVER to get this vehical. Hopefully the stars will align and it will happen.

I hate Valentine's Day - this day is such a great way to make singles feel left out and reminds them that they are single. And even if I with someone, there is pressure to figure out something "special" to do. Furthermore, although I have been doing fine with my work/girl situation, this seriously doesn't help matters. I am steering clear of that place on that day.

Surfing is always a great cure for everything. Perhaps I will just surf and surf and surf.