Sunday, December 23, 2007

Surfing the Bar

Finally, the sand has accumulated the along the Westside, making an awesome sandbar! This pic was taken about a week and half ago and there is much more sand than that. My friend Laura took a couple pics of my last wave in the other day without me knowing. She'll let me know next time when she's out taking pics, so I can really throw down the tricks ;) The water has been pretty cold, but I have been opt'ing out of wearing booties - I just hate them!

It is Christmas day and I am at home with my housemate. She isn't up yet, but I got a fire going in the fireplace and all the xmas lights on, so she can wake up to a festive setting. We are having a few people over today for a late lunch and cocktails (my favorite way to celebrate!). Then tomorrow night I leave for Florida to join my parents and other family members who made the trip with them. I'll be there until the 2nd and am looking forward to the vacation and just being out of this setting for a little bit. I'm a bit worn, as is most the population this time of year, and am feeling a little bit of a cold. Hopefully being in the sunshine state will help!

Happy holidays to all!!


Miz BoheMia said...

I have just caught up on all your faboo posts my dearest amiga...

First and foremost... Happy Belated Birthday!

I have been a horrible blogging friend as well as a terrible real life friend! Between work, tons of subbing as no one wants to teach yoga in the holidays other than me it seems, craziness as usual and the kids being home from school (which has been so much harder than we thought it would be!) I have been absent and detached from all aspects of my life I am afraid!

I did not forget we were to meet tomorrow though I did forget what day I was living in and never made it throught to actually calling you so oy and KICK ME when we finally do meet!

And last, but not least, Merry Christmas sweet Leigh. Hope you had a great and special day today and yay on finally getting to go on your vacation. I know you have been looking forward to your downtime and the weather in Florida sure beats our Bay Area weather so I hope that there is much fabulous surfing in your holiday forecast!

Let's talk when you get back but, until then, I hope you have a great and amazing time my dear friend.

Big boho besos flying your way...

ThatBeeGirl said...

hope you had a lovely christmas!

Leigh said...

Hey Lady! The 26th just flew by! I know how busy it's been and I am so glad to be on vacation and let time pass by. I hope you had a great xmas, shared with good friends and family... that's how I spent mine :)
Let's meet in the New Year - it'll be something for us to look forward too!
Besos & Besos!

Bee- Hope you had a great xmas and are planning a super new year!

Cooper said...

Happy New Year dear Leigh.