Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting Younger

Another great birthday was had by me yesterday! My housemates took me to breakfast at Brazil's and then we went and got a Christmas tree. After we got home, I ran out to go surf. It was a bit small, and very chilly, but fun all the same. Earlier this week a large west swell came through the Cali coast.

Cowells, High Tide:

Indicators/The Lane:

Anyway, the surf calmed down. Returning to my birthday, after my surf session, I went to Olitas and where my family and friends had joined me for a very nice dinner. It's been awhile since I had had so many people invited to celebrate! I came home and helped my housemate decorate our xmas tree. It was a perfect end to my day.


Sharkbait said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!

Cooper said...

Happy B day Leigh.

It sounds lovely.

Smooches and all that.

Leigh said...

Thanks Sharkbait!

Smooches to you too Coop!

Hobbes said...

Happy belated birthday, and happy other holidays too!