Friday, November 09, 2007

I Asked For It

This week has been VERY eventful compared to the last time I posted. I have had a mixture of different emotions going on... let me first announce that I have been officially brought forward to the SC Longboard Union. My official induction date is in March (after I complete the requirements needed to become a member). I have been waiting a long time for this, and I am truly stoked! Also, let me add that I will be surfing a contest Dec. 1st representing the SCLU... I'll keep you all posted!

The other thing has been happening is that the chick I had been talking about for awhile has finally gone back to her ex (which made everything else make sense). Things were extremely mundane with us and I was getting so tired of wondering where I stood with her, that I just wanted something to happen. Good or bad... just so I would know. This news came to me on the day of her birthday last week. I had actually sent her flowers, and so did her girlfriend. Anyway, it was extremely hard last weekend. Thank goodness for my friends, including Miz B (with a very empowering phone conversation)... it made it a lot easier to get over the situation.

The weird part is that this week we went to lunch together and talked things out - finally! We hadn't had a conversation like that since before I went to Kauai. She finally gave me some clue as to what the hell is going on. I feel way better, I think she does too. The initial trust and friendship between us has been re-established somehow. It's so strange, the situations that bring people together.

Anyway... it's been a pretty emotionally draining week, but the surf has been awesome! But things are going good and I look forward to surfing the holiday this week!

Leigh out!


Miz BoheMia said...

You asked for it and what you got is pure magic that just shows the beauty that is you my dear friend. I am in awe of you and of how well and with how much grace you handled the whole situation... how you made it through the confusion and hurt and just shone through... you are most definitely an example to follow hot surfin' chica de mi corazón 'cause me? HAH! "Noble", "graceful" (well, unless I am on my yoga mat, that is!) and "honorable" are not words well suited for me but as for you?


All's well that ends well and the credit goes to you! I am sooo excited about this whole longboard chapter of your life and will be cheering you on, all the way up the coast from SF! WOOHOOO!

And I owe you an email! Once I get the kiddos to bed...

And as for the phone call... if it was of any help I am both glad and touched and anytime you need a crazy boho to talk to, you know where to find me!


Leigh said...

Thank goodness that there has been some resolution and that a solid friendship is what came from this.

My horoscope for this week said it all:

In the nick of time, a wild card will appear. It will reverse the meaning of a series of events that seemed to be railroading you towards an unhappy ending. What will be the nature of that wild card? Maybe some missing evidence will trickle in, bringing the big picture into a rosier focus. Maybe you will realize how valuable your problem has actually been. And perhaps the wild card will be a divine intervention that shatters a mental block, thereby correcting a misapprehension you'd been under. In any case, Sagittarius, there will be an unexpected twist at the last turn of the plot, and it will lead you to at least a semi-happy ending. -Rob Brezsny

Thanks for all your support my darling! I'll call you this week!
BESOS and more BESOS!

cooper said...

Mizzy B is pure magic.

Hugs to you miss leigh. I am glad for the resolution.

Congratulations to you as well, you should be stoked. I am so proud of you.

You have a lovely holiday and enjoy.

Leigh said...

Coop - Thank you my dear Coop... hope you had a great holiday. I will be doing a blog round here in a little bit to see what you've been up to!

Hugs & besos!

Shayna said...

First let me say congrats on the surfing.

Secondly I am sorry about the relationship. Although I am glad you all have made a mends!

Thirdly... I am so jealous that you and Miz B are that close to each other. I want to move closer... or you all can move to TN... but there are no ocean waves here... just creeks to go wading in. :)

Hope you are doing great...

New blog Stop by and see me...

Leigh said...

Shayna - So happy to see you around again!!! Thank you... everything is just going wonderfully. Talking to Miz B. is so fun and we are trying to get together here soon! We are working on sometime next month... so stay tuned! I am sure there will be Boho Vision of our meeting :)