Monday, October 15, 2007

CWC 2007

What an exciting week around here! The weather did all kinds of things... from super stormy and rain, to beautiful sunny days. I did manage to get a few pics of the Cold Water Classic. I was driving around Westcliff during Day 1 of the CWC and made a little video:


Well, it got stormy and I ended up going surfing and didn't get anymore video, but I did get some pics the last day of the contest. I got this shot of Jordy Smith, who won the event, setting up for a snap:

I don't recall who this was - maybe Josh Loya. There were still some decent sets rolling though:

No shortage of spectators for this event!

In closing, I am getting over a cold, so no surfing for a couple days. It is going off again right now!
Hopefully the new swell will last for the week or will build again for the low tides and my recovery!


ThatBeeGirl said...

i was in santa cruz yesterday afternoon for a few hours for work-related stuffs. it was awful coming over the hill but by the time i left, it was gorgeous!

Paula the Surf Mom said...

Hey leigh... would you like to be a guest poster on my site sometime? E mail me.


coop said...

Leigh, it looks fabulous.

Keep safe and happy and as always I envy you.

A couple of my best friends took off last week on a surfing tour of sorts. They started in Costa Rica, but are now in Nicaragua living in a room above a surf shop - a hundred dollars a month..don't know when they are heading further down but as you can guess I am so wishing I took a year off after school.

Love ya


I did my blog action day post last week on the Save the Waves Coalition.