Thursday, September 06, 2007

Step Into Fall

So I got my first Standup Paddle injury... I managed to crack a couple ribs after falling onto the shaft of my paddle. It's been a week and I still can't breath deep, laugh, or cough without pain. The IBU does provide some relief, but I still can't get into the water, well at least surf or standup paddle. Roxy is putting on a huge contest later this month that I had wanted to enter. ( . I have until the 16th to decide, so we'll have see how the ribs are feeling.

I found this little gem of footage from our Kauai trip! Meg was surfing the beach break called Pine Trees, to which I opt'd out and decided to do a photo-shoot - you can hear me in the background cheering her on though:


That clip always makes me laugh!
I will let you you all know how it goes if I do enter the Roxy Jam!


ThatBeeGirl said...

rad video!

Miz BoheMia said...

Dios mio! What news! And to think I talked to you not too long ago when you were still feeling faboo! Oy amiga mia, I know what a bitch it is, and then some, when you are kept away from that physical release and the control is not in your hands! Here's to some fast healing (GO RIBS GO!!!) and a Roxy kickass contest being entered (pssst, do you win a bikini? Their bikinis rule! WOOH! ;-P) and WON I tell you, WON!

And that video is funny as hell... I am lucky enough to already know your voice but the "Va-voom" part had me so cracking up!

Besos my dear and I hope to catch you soon, mostly to see how you are doing...


HAH! I beat Cooperina here... (yeah, gotta start up something... it's been way too quiet here... he, he hee!)


cooper said...



Hugs babes. I broke one rib a couple years ago in a snowmobile thingy and it was not pleasant, two has got to hurt. Take care and do what they tell

Loved the vid. You take care of yourself ya hear?

cooper said...

Now I feel awful putting that word there even in jest.

Hot lovely bitch...ok.


Leigh said...

Bee - I think so!

Miz B - It happened the day after I talked to you. Thanks for all your well wishes...I will probably have to wait until next years event, which is fine. It gives me more time to practice and improve :) The 1st place prize is new surfboard! Though there is always a raffle and bikinis usually are a prize in women's competition. Uh uh - hear we go...

Coop - Thanks, I will heal as soon as I can :) Don't worry about using the word Bitch... my housemates and I refer to one another as bitches (just as a pet name, nothing malicious). Miz B is just trying to get a rise out of ya... You know I love you both the same ;) Although I like the sound of "Hot Lovely Bitch"!

Miz BoheMia said...




Though I do love me the sound of Hot Lovely bitch! Ooooweee!


Priscilla Palmer said...

You have been tagged for The Personal Development List. See herefor details. I would love for you to participate.

weirsdo said...

Despite the injury you sound a lot happier than last time I dropped by, which is great. I won't even mention the silly things that went through my mind when I read "Standup Paddle injury." I hope you do feel well enough to do the contest.

Miz Nix said...

Hope the pain goes quickly for you. Lovely setting, reminds me of the little bay I live by.

Miz Nix