Monday, June 04, 2007

Ding A Ling

What a full week of surf. My body is not happy with me right now. Since the Princess Cruiser has been out for ding repairs, Blue Beastie has been my primary board. I always fail to realize what a work out it is maneuvering that beast is! I surfed 5 days in a row and am absolutely pooped. Here's what the damage to the P.Cruiser looks like (yes, there is an icky spider in there) :

When I took Blue out to 38th on Wednesday, we found the conditions to be big and windy. I ended up having a collision with someone and Blue took an injury:

For now, I just repaired the ding until I get the P. Cruiser back. I am seriously thinking of purchasing a smaller board very soon here. Blue is just too big (at least for me) to be in bigger surf.

My surf bud and friend, Jessie, said she'll be around for another year, to which I am so selfishly happy about. She didn't make it into med school, and I am bummed for her about that. Anyway, we always have such a fun time in the surf or having a drink.

A vacation sounds so wonderful right now. I still have several weeks until my Kauai vacation...


ThatBeeGirl said...

oh, yeowch! those dings look painful! here's hoping the princess cruiser is up and running soon!

Sharkbait said...

Ugh. That's an icky ding! I don't even know that there's a name for that flavor of mess!


Paula the Surf Mom said...


cooper said...

Leigh you just keep rubbing it in.

Hurts so good huh?


Nasty ding though.

Miz BoheMia said...

There she goes, flirting away with you again... harumph I say... HARUMPH! WWell, I figure I'll let her enjoy a thrill or two! ;-P

AAAAAHHHH! Stop hitting me Cooper!

Kauai? Oooh! I have been to Maui twice but have always been told that Kauai is the island to visit and that the beauty is just unparalleled... I cannot wait to see your pics when you go (*hint,hint*)!!!

As for the dings, oy... since she was pretty vicious with her smackaroos I'll let Cooper have the last word on that but not without reminding her exactly who was #1 on your RILF list.... ME!!!

*and the bohemian darts off, dodging a certain Alice Cooper on the way*