Monday, June 25, 2007

Cloud Nine

Could I be any happier? I've been spending a lot of time with a girl I am completely into, and enjoying every moment. As tempting as it is to complain how tired I am from the lack of sleep, I just can't, because that time was well spent. She's just great :)
There has been a lack of surf lately. Which is just as well... I've been going to bed around 2am, which doesn't make for a good surf session for the next day. I got the Princess Cruiser back! She looks great! I haven't had a chance to put some wax on her, but will do that as soon as i get back from Santa Maria. I've been taking a lot of walks along the beach during this flat period. I ran into a sleeping pelican, which I was about 3 feet tall! (pictured)
Hopefully there will be some surf soon, but I am enjoying my new found company :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Feelin' It Again

As much as I'd like to complain how small the surf is, it is really hard to see the world in a negative manner when you are in the midst of falling in love. It's been a long time, but I think I have every reason to believe that everything falls in my favor. Sorry the above statements are a bit ambigous. Until I have something more solid to report, that's all the info I can give. Maybe in my next post :)

Summer is here, as we can see from the surf. It's been a small week. This weekend has been pretty crowded, but we are still having fun. Next week... more surfing and BBQ's.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ding A Ling

What a full week of surf. My body is not happy with me right now. Since the Princess Cruiser has been out for ding repairs, Blue Beastie has been my primary board. I always fail to realize what a work out it is maneuvering that beast is! I surfed 5 days in a row and am absolutely pooped. Here's what the damage to the P.Cruiser looks like (yes, there is an icky spider in there) :

When I took Blue out to 38th on Wednesday, we found the conditions to be big and windy. I ended up having a collision with someone and Blue took an injury:

For now, I just repaired the ding until I get the P. Cruiser back. I am seriously thinking of purchasing a smaller board very soon here. Blue is just too big (at least for me) to be in bigger surf.

My surf bud and friend, Jessie, said she'll be around for another year, to which I am so selfishly happy about. She didn't make it into med school, and I am bummed for her about that. Anyway, we always have such a fun time in the surf or having a drink.

A vacation sounds so wonderful right now. I still have several weeks until my Kauai vacation...