Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Surf

These past weeks have indeed been interesting and eye opening. All the while I have been getting to surf and spend loads of time with my friends. The surf has been fun, but it is evident that spring and summer are here with the masses of people in the water:

Jessie and I came up with the name "Crayolas" for all the people on those colorful foam boards. I told her that it looked like some spilled a big box of crayons in the water, thus the nickname for the beginers was conceived. The above pic was taken on Saturday afternoon... long after I went surfing. The tide has been working in the morning , way before any nonlocal or Crayola would be out.

The LogJam was happenin' this past weekend! It's a contest full of vintage longboards and no leashes... my kind of contest! On Saturday it was held at 38th (Pleasure Point) below the house of Jack Oneill, yes the inventor of the wetsuit:

The waves were small and there was very little swell. On Sunday the contest was held at 2nd Peak and the conditions were way better.

And remember, just because you are a pro-longboarder does not mean you are immune to making bad wetsuit decisions:

It was a good weekend overall and I went to 2 BBQ's. On Monday, Jessie and I headed over to 2nd Peak and got some really good rides. It was flat every where, but some decent sets rolled through and we managed in spite of the kelp. It's raining at the moment and super flat still, so perhaps the weekend will hold better prospects for more sessions!


bee said...

yikes! that IS a bad wetsuit decision!

Miz BoheMia said...

Hey chica! I have missed you! I just read the post below and I am so, so, so sorry to hear of your friend's passing... it tears me up even more when I hear children are left behind... may she be in peace wherever she is and may her family be ok through it all... hope you are holding up well!

As for this post... YAY! Pictures! It all looks so beautiful! At least you live outside of SF so you get more guaranteed warm weather and that is always a plus! Surf away chica and hope to be home soon to finally get to see you in person!

And yep... I am trying to make it back and shamelessly, only this once, coming right out and saying so... besos to the hottest surfer chica I know!

Leigh said...

Bee - God I know! They were confusing CJ with the contestant with the white jersey and made him get out of the water!

Miz B- Goodness love, I have missed you! Thank you for your kind thoughts. Sofia, Darlene's daughter, will be fine... she's just like her mother, strong, independent, and extremely courageous. Darlene would not have left us otherwise if she thought
Sofia was anything less. I am SO VERY EXCITED to hear you are coming home soon! We are going to have lunch and wine and hang out! I'll stop by the Boho Blog and see whats happenin'. I miss you! BESOS!!

Paula the Surf Mom said...

What an ugly wet suit!!!!

shayna said...

LOL... on the wetsuit! I love the pics... Missed you and hope you are doing GREAT!

Leigh said...

Paula, Yes for sure! But he's CJ Nelson... he's one of Santa Cruz's most innovative longboarders and I've seen him in some pretty funky hotline suits.

Hi Shayna! So good to hear from you! I love the pics of your family... Carter is so sweet and little Willie is just adorable with him!

Miz BoheMia said...

I miss you!!!! I think an update is in order, *hint, hint*...