Monday, February 19, 2007

Super Sesh!

Last week was pretty fun out in the water. There were some really beautiful days and fun surf and I took full advantage! It started on Valentine's Day. I went out for for an afternoon session the Blue Beastie and found all my friends already out in the line up. It was Blue's second time at Cowells, and the waves were a perfect size. Classic evening glass off... calm, glassy, we were trading boards and just having a great time. After the session, Meg and I went for tacos and beer and searched for ice cream. The next day I had an even better session! Waves had a little more to them and I got the best ride ever! It kept going and going, turning green and breaking, and turning green again. I ended my ride with a ten, but lost balance and fell off. I had so much adrenaline pumping through my body I was out of breath as I was swimming for my board. I was paddling back was trying to talk to my friend Jessie, who was right behind the whole time, but I was laughing and trying to catch my breath. After that super sesh I went for a walk along Westcliff and had a gorgeous view:

I went out Friday too, but it wasn't as fun and the other two day, besides it was very crowded. On Saturday it was unseasonably warm with temps in the mid 70's. I had to go up to San Francisco to visit the Asian Art Museum. It was hot up there too! I was in a tee and couldn't imagine wearing a hoodie. Here's a pic of the Civic Center, note the sunny skies:

And a Korean sculpture, I had remembered from Arts of Asia class last year. Glad I got to see it! I love this goofy creature!

I helped Fos move after my jaunt to SF. It was so warm in the evening as well and I told her to kiss these kinds of evenings g'bye. Santa Cruz doesn't get evenings that warm. Fos is moved in now and we have our happy household.


thatbeegirl said...

I went to Santa Cruz today -- the weather was amazing! It's only about once a year that I get there, but it's always my favorite day of the year!



Greetings from the other side of the world - England.

I have a blog and - like yours - it's a mishmash of everything...the local area, football (soocer to you guys) and my general musings.

The reason I specifically write is that I live in a place called ...wait for it... Westcliff!

It's located about 30 miles east of London and we are on the coast as well.

I was wondering whether you'd like to link our blogs, by means of photos, links, stories on the blog etc.

Would be great to get a perspective of Westcliff, Santa Cruz and then a perspective of Westcliff, Essex, England.

What do you think?

Let me know ... my blog is

You can leave a comment/details there.


cooper said...

I think you have a heavenly life leigh.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Whoo-hoo...nice goofy sculpture, chica :)

If it's too hot, I could always shit ya some snow ;)

Paula the Surf Mom said...

this week here in the OBX were are going from snow flurries back on Monday to 70 degrees yesterday... but we never have any surf on the 70 degree days and I hate wearing my 7mm suit... it like wearing a tire.

Leigh said...

Bee- Great! You should visit more often! Hopefully we'll get in more sunny days!

JH - I'll have to check out your blog. Thanks for comment and I would love to see what's happening in Westcliff, Enlgand!

Coop - I think so too Coop ;)

Jason - hahaha, is your ass freezing that you're shitting ice cubes? I'll send some warm weather your way!

Paula- Gosh, and I complain about wearing booties. I couldn't imagine putting on a 7mm wetsuit! More power to you surf sistah!