Monday, February 05, 2007

Black & Blue

I finally got the Blue Beastie back on Friday. I had been out of commission all week due to some one's board hitting my face on last Monday afternoon. I been having post concussion symptoms (according to my doctor) and been pretty out of it all week. I still have a bruise on my cheek where I had been hit, but at least it's not swollen any more and I don't look like a mutant.

Friday I had picked up the fin for the Blue. It had been left behind at Paradise Surf Shop when the board had been taken for repair. I went skateboarding along Eastcliff to get an idea of the conditions for the weekend. I was finally feeling up to getting out there and trying Blue. Besides, I think the skateboard was a good test for checking my balance since the accident. I rode fine and saw Hannah coming up the stairs at 38th from a session as I was practicing my style. Haven't seem her in so long and was nice to chit-chat for minute with her. After that, I went back to the Westside to go for a walk. I ran into more friends, Laura, Kim, Cliff and my newer friend Jessi (all surfers). I ended the day with my walk to the Lane and back.

Saturday, Blue and I went to 38th to take on some waves. I must say, it was very difficult maneuvering that board. It's heavy, and is 9'10... it's a lot of board for little me. It took me awhile to catch waves, but I did. Once on the wave Blue was easy to turn and walk. I was a bit disenchanted however. When I first took the Princess Cruiser out, it was magic! I knew she was the board for me. The Blue Beastie is so much more work, and I didn't have the same feelings. Surfing is humbling at times, and it reminds you exactly where your abilities are at. I stayed in the inside at 38th and being extremely cautious because I wasn't wearing a leash. I am VERY responsible when going out leashless. I stay in the inside where there are hardly any people and I don't take anything I question. Blue is a big board that isn't meant for big surf... it's a log made for noseriding.

Anyway, it was a fine warm weekend. After my surf sesh on Sunday I went for another cruise on my skateboard on the Eastside and it was just wonderful... shirt, jeans, and 72F. It will most likely rain next week, but what a great taste of spring.


bee said...

Yikes, that sounds like a nasty injury! Glad to hear you (and the board!) and recovering nicely. :)

cooper said...

Glad the board is back
Sound like great weather and fun times.
I am by nature from cold places despite having lived in Australia for some time. I am going to have to consider carefully, after school, where I want to go, because as I'm sitting here freezing and I see you posting temperatures in the seventies and think why waste my time in the misery of this weather.

shayna said...

Darlin... you do need to be careful!!!!!! Glad you no longer look like a mutant... bet you never did anyway! :)

Paula the Surf Mom said...

ouch darlin!!!!!!!! But can you be a true surfer without scars?

Leigh said...

Bee - Me too... I feel much better! Blue is good too!

Coop - Well, the dream only lasts so long, it's raining goldfish and guppies. I do hope you consider here in CA... we can surf together :)

Shayna - lol...thanks sweetie ... I will be much more cautious!

Paula - You bring up a good point. I've had a black eye and injured thumb from the sport, but I have enjoyed every session out. I know you can atest to that!