Monday, February 19, 2007

Super Sesh!

Last week was pretty fun out in the water. There were some really beautiful days and fun surf and I took full advantage! It started on Valentine's Day. I went out for for an afternoon session the Blue Beastie and found all my friends already out in the line up. It was Blue's second time at Cowells, and the waves were a perfect size. Classic evening glass off... calm, glassy, we were trading boards and just having a great time. After the session, Meg and I went for tacos and beer and searched for ice cream. The next day I had an even better session! Waves had a little more to them and I got the best ride ever! It kept going and going, turning green and breaking, and turning green again. I ended my ride with a ten, but lost balance and fell off. I had so much adrenaline pumping through my body I was out of breath as I was swimming for my board. I was paddling back was trying to talk to my friend Jessie, who was right behind the whole time, but I was laughing and trying to catch my breath. After that super sesh I went for a walk along Westcliff and had a gorgeous view:

I went out Friday too, but it wasn't as fun and the other two day, besides it was very crowded. On Saturday it was unseasonably warm with temps in the mid 70's. I had to go up to San Francisco to visit the Asian Art Museum. It was hot up there too! I was in a tee and couldn't imagine wearing a hoodie. Here's a pic of the Civic Center, note the sunny skies:

And a Korean sculpture, I had remembered from Arts of Asia class last year. Glad I got to see it! I love this goofy creature!

I helped Fos move after my jaunt to SF. It was so warm in the evening as well and I told her to kiss these kinds of evenings g'bye. Santa Cruz doesn't get evenings that warm. Fos is moved in now and we have our happy household.

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Ok Though

My predictions on the weather were indeed correct. Usually after some great weather in February, we start to get rain. It rained all last week and it really jacked up the ocean conditions. It was extremely unorganized and choppy. The waves were mush-burgers and not very powerful... just mushy.

Oh well, it was a good thing. I took Friday off because I was originally going to go up to the mountains with Meg, Jen, and Laura, but it didn't work out. It is just as well. I needed an extra day to catch up on my school work, since I was out of commission last week from my concussion. Classes are going great and I am thoroughly enjoying the subjects. I just did a presentation last week and it went fairly well. Both my instructors are awesome and very influential. I'm very fortunate to have them.

The weather did clear up yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful out, even though the surf was still a bit disorganized and lumpy. I went to a bike ride and then for a long walk. I went up the wharf and up to Cowells and back to Meg's. The sea lions were enjoying the sun as well.

I am going to try and get into the water this afternoon, after work. Hopefully the conditions will have cleaned up and I could get in some nice rides.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Black & Blue

I finally got the Blue Beastie back on Friday. I had been out of commission all week due to some one's board hitting my face on last Monday afternoon. I been having post concussion symptoms (according to my doctor) and been pretty out of it all week. I still have a bruise on my cheek where I had been hit, but at least it's not swollen any more and I don't look like a mutant.

Friday I had picked up the fin for the Blue. It had been left behind at Paradise Surf Shop when the board had been taken for repair. I went skateboarding along Eastcliff to get an idea of the conditions for the weekend. I was finally feeling up to getting out there and trying Blue. Besides, I think the skateboard was a good test for checking my balance since the accident. I rode fine and saw Hannah coming up the stairs at 38th from a session as I was practicing my style. Haven't seem her in so long and was nice to chit-chat for minute with her. After that, I went back to the Westside to go for a walk. I ran into more friends, Laura, Kim, Cliff and my newer friend Jessi (all surfers). I ended the day with my walk to the Lane and back.

Saturday, Blue and I went to 38th to take on some waves. I must say, it was very difficult maneuvering that board. It's heavy, and is 9'10... it's a lot of board for little me. It took me awhile to catch waves, but I did. Once on the wave Blue was easy to turn and walk. I was a bit disenchanted however. When I first took the Princess Cruiser out, it was magic! I knew she was the board for me. The Blue Beastie is so much more work, and I didn't have the same feelings. Surfing is humbling at times, and it reminds you exactly where your abilities are at. I stayed in the inside at 38th and being extremely cautious because I wasn't wearing a leash. I am VERY responsible when going out leashless. I stay in the inside where there are hardly any people and I don't take anything I question. Blue is a big board that isn't meant for big surf... it's a log made for noseriding.

Anyway, it was a fine warm weekend. After my surf sesh on Sunday I went for another cruise on my skateboard on the Eastside and it was just wonderful... shirt, jeans, and 72F. It will most likely rain next week, but what a great taste of spring.