Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blue Crush

This past weekend I got a pet for the Princess Cruiser, but looks like I actually picked up a Blue Beastie!

I didn't realize how much bigger this board was until I got it home and sat it next the Princess Cruiser! The Blue Beastie measures 9'10" long x 24" wide x 3" thick.

Should have no problem catching waves and noseriding on that monster! The board has some delam, which I should get repaired before putting on wax and taking it into the water, in the mean time the Princess Cruiser is still my girl and she'll be glad to get out into the surf.

I started classes yesterday. I have a Critical Thinking course with one of my favorite professors and Eastern Thought class which focuses on beliefs in China long ago. The instructor is also another one of my favorites! I am so excited about this quarter!


shayna said...

Hope you enjoy your new pet and am glad you are so excited about this semester... Take Care

cooper said...


Good luck with classes, I'm heading back as well.

Emily said...

Hi Sweetie, thank you for the kind words. The caring and support.. so glad you stopped by.


Leigh said...

Shayna -Thanks dear! I am very happy to be back in class! Hope you are doing well!

Coop - Good luck to you too... it was bound to happen.

Emily - Me too...hope you come by more often, always nice hearing from you my dear :)