Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looks a Lot Like...

Yes, here were are in December. A very eventful month it is, including my birthday this coming weekend. I am thinking about having some margaritas with my friends and then roller skating after... Perhaps that would be less painful. Anyway, I got a cute new phone (a motorola pebl- in orange) and have been playing around with the camera on it. Here's my view while I was drinking coffee and eating pumpkin bread from Beckman's:

The same day, later in the evening, Meg, Mary, and I, went down to the harbor to see the Boat Light Parade that happens every year. Every year I had always passed by the sign dying to see the boats decked out in xmas lights. I made it happen this year.

Here's a pic of our sunset, looking towards Westcliff:

A boat coming into the harbor:

Preview of the lights:

The quality of the pics are not that great, but hey, at least I got to capture some lovely moments!

The surf is up for this weekend, with a macking swell coming in! It had been pretty flat these last few days. I went to the Lane one day and caught a few, then paddled over to Cowells for a bit. On Monday, it was total locals day at Cowells. Skindog was out there longboarding and just brought good energy to all the local surfers out there. It was blast, even though it was pretty small. I'll have get pics of the surf again soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their December!


Anonymous said...

The quality of the pics really isn't bad for a cameraphone!
Happy December!

cooper said...

nice pics Leigh.

Have a few Margaritas on me.

Leigh said...

Bee- I guess you are right... they are ok for such low res. Perfect for blogs!

Coop- Why thanks... but I think that would be cold for you. A glass would work out better ;)

Anonymous said...

Good post girl... nice pics.
Tomorrow is going to be the girls first visit to see Santa, they wont have a clue... but I'm all excited about it.

Miz BoheMia said...

'Tis the weekend! Must be your birthday!!!! HAPPY, HAPPY my dear friend! Hope it was a good one!

As for the pics, I think the quality, for a phone, is great!

Besos to one fab surfin' chica!

Leigh said...

Paula - hehehe sounds awesome! Always an event to go see the Big Guy in Red :)

Miz B- T'was a great bday for me! Thank you thank you!
Besos to you too my dear Boho!