Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Little Organization Please

The surf was definitely a bit on the crazy side these last couple weeks. Cowells is still shifting and the sand doesn't quite know where to settle. This occurrence makes it difficult to know where to be and provides a very confusing session. I surfed with Christina yesterday and we were all over the place, from late take off's, to not catching the waves at all. Anyway, hopefully it'll organize soon and give us more consistency.

It's a busy week for everyone I'm sure. Lots of get togethers! My parents are going to FL for xmas, since that was the only time they had off. I'll be going to my aunt's for xmas eve and I am probably surfing (if there's waves) on xmas day.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday!

The pic at the top: Stormy Cowells.
The next: The other side of the Lane.


cooper said...

Envy you the waves at Christmas. I am staying to do an extra couple of weeks with the IRC and then right back to NY.
I watched Riding Giants last night and although I am not into extreme when it comes to water it was amazing to watch.
I thought of you of course.

Anonymous said...

Well we finally got some waves worth freezing over yesterday and I made the most of them.

If I dont see you before the holiday then here hoping you have a Merry Christmas... Good Waves to you

weirsdo said...

Merry Christmas, Leigh! Happy surfing.

Leigh said...

Coop- Good movie, but scary at times! I'll stick to my 2'-4' waves. Hope you had a great xmas!

Paula - They are all worth freezing over, depending on how desperate you are to get in the water ;) Have a good xmas!

Weirsdo - Thank you! Have a good holiday with Pansi and crew!