Monday, October 09, 2006

The Crew Unleashed!

What a great weekend! God, it's been a long time since I have had one of the like. It all started Friday. Yes, the much talked about Luna Run. It started off cloudy and as the twilight crept in, the moon peaked out. The surf was very small, but the water was clear and glassy and I had Jen, Mary, Meg and Juan out with me. Later on, we all went to Meg's for some drinks, food, and good company.

The next morning, Todd, Jen, and I, headed to the eastside to catch some more waves. We paddled out to 2nd peak, but there was a chilly breeze coming through there. I was getting very cold sitting there (I had to put on a wet wetsuit, so I started off cold) so I decided to paddle over to 38th, leaving Todd and Jen to 2nd Peak. There was no wind there, as the cliff seemed to block the breeze. I had a fun time on the small scale waves. The people who were there were mostly beginners, so my wave count was high. After the session we went to Beckman's for breakfast. Our friend, and newest crew member, Mary, works there and it was her 21st birthday. We made a card for her and brought it over and she sat with us and had some coffee. Later on that night Jen and I went to her party and had a blast. My best friend Ami came into town and joined us. It was great seeing Mary with her family and friends, and was wonderful to be a part of that.

On Sunday, around 6pm, we all got in the water again. Jen, Mary, and I went without leashes, since it was so small. What a liberating feeling, not being attached to the board! Although, you have remember that, be extra carefully not to loose your stick and kill someone. It took a while, but the crowd dwindled and it was just several people and "The Crew" - Meg, Rick, Todd, Drew, Juan, Jen, Mary, and myself, left in the evening water. It's been months since we've all sat in a line up together. We just had a blast goofing off and being silly. Classic night. We all paddled in after dark, making plans to do all again later this evening.

That's what it's all about. Weekends like that make life so sweet.


cooper said...

"What a great weekend! God, it's been a long time since I have had one of the like."

Those are words to die for dear Leigh.

I'm happy to see someone is able to write them.

Leigh said...

Thanks my dear! Hope you are having a stellar weekend and that you find a weekend like that soon too!

Miz BoheMia said...

May you have many such weekends in store... in Buddhism they say that suffering is the only promise that life keeps... meaning that the beautiful moments are gifts to be cherished right then and there, when we have them... wise surfer chica that you are seem to be a master in that art! Funkified FO SHO!

Have a beautiful weekend amiga and hey... any updates on the cutie?

shayna said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend... this weekend it is going to be so freeking cold here in TN... hope it is warmer in Cali... :)

Miz BoheMia said...


Fine! Leave us hanging, waiting for news as you live it up with cuties! Hmph!

Methinks an update is in order and I am sure the other ladies, bashful and quiet as they may be but we all know "quiet" ain't my strongpoint, will agree!

Just a way of saying hola and WAHEY! Did you forget us? *wide puppy eyed bohemian looks away as tears stream down her face*

he, he, heeee! How's that for a guilt inducing hola?

cooper said...

yes yes you must return to see mimzzy bohem on you tube, she is a star.