Monday, October 23, 2006

A Bit of a Mess

Yeah Yeah Yeah... I know, I've been gone for awhile, but a LOT has happened. I wish I had better news to update, but the cutie ran back to her ex, my car broke down, I got sick, and I was told by a friend of Hannah's that she doesn't want to talk to me. So, with that, I am actually relieved to be at work right now.

Through all this, I have been surfing quite a bit and it's been good. The day my car broke down, my housemate and I drove over to the Lane to catch The Cold Water Classic. Super awesome surfing going class. I met Erica Hosseini and Karina Petroni, Vans Team riders and models and just all around cute chicks. They were going to go surfing at Ano Nuevo. I saw Peter Mel talking some guy and a handful of other famous surfers.

My housemate took a few pics that I need to download and post. Anyway... I am going to get through the day and hope to find something in it to make it good.


bee said...

Whew, sounds like you're going through a tough time! Sorry to hear that...

cooper said...

I feel for you because when it rains it pours.

i'm envious of your surfing ways.

Just go Mizzy B's video, it will make you smile; I promise.

Miz BoheMia said...

Ha, ha, haaaa! Laughing at the Coop cause she flatters me so... although in the first one I didn't belch...a frustrated frog croak was more like it cause I cannot burp at will and I SO wish I could! Lil' B can and I think it's the coolest thing ever... I also cannot do arm pit farts... I SUCK!

Yeah, when it rains it pours and I can so feel for ya! It has kinda been like that for us since I was 4 months preggers with the boy which means close to 4 years and I hope once we make it back it'll stop... and then we can go out for a good and huge JAMBA JUICE treat (cause man do I miss those!) and laugh our worries away! You up for that?

Many hugs and besos coming your way!

The ZenFo Pro said...

Aww chica! Sending good vibes your way :D

Hope you're doing better.

Yeah, October was a shitty month.

weirsdo said...

I went and saw one of Miz Bohemia's videos. Full of colorful characters. I did not miss the armpit farts.