Thursday, September 21, 2006

Paddle Out Pics

Here a few pics from the Surfrider paddle out, Sept.9, 2006. It was National Paddle for Clean Water Day. There were about 40 of us out there. A totally that was!

You can see me, in the orange cap, and Alison next to me, with the purple on the wetsuit.

Again, me in the orange cap, arms folded, Ryan on the table getting his bones cracked, and Cowells in the background.

Circle Statement

Not sure who took all these, but thanks to those who did!


shayna said...

Great pictures and Great way to celebrate the day!

Miz BoheMia said...

I love the pics! Looks like quite a zen time! Keep 'em coming... as for you, oooh! Pretty lady!

cooper said...

totally awesome lee girl- you'd love it here.

Leigh said...

Shayna - It was great event, and we had a blast!

Miz B - Oooooh thank you Miz B!

Coop- I wish I was there! Dammit!