Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Morning Fun For Everyone

Sorry for my absence... I didn't realize coming back from vacation was going to be so much work! Things are moving and changing right now, for the better I am sure. I am coming to terms with some relationships that are changing for better or worse, you really have no choice but to take that ride.

As far as the surf reports goes, I did get in an evening glass-off and came in with the night last week. Hope to get in more days like that. This morning was absolutely fun! A SW swell came in, providing lots of waves and opportunities for some awesome rides. I got in when it was still dark, and there was no fog. As I got out, the sun was rising and the fog started to roll in as you can see from the above pic. There were some good sets, but the tide was coming up and shutting it down fast. It made for a pretty pic though!

Monday I start classes. I've got a philosophy course and am taking swimming to keep in shape for the winter swell. I am very exciting and happy to start school again. In a few days it'll be officially Autumn... happy fall everyone!


shayan said...

Hope everything turns out for the best on the relationships... :)

The picture is beautiful...

Good Luck with the new fall semester!

bee said...

I'm prety stoked about fall's arrival!

Miz BoheMia said...

Yes, you are very exciting indeed!

He, he, heeee! Mean it but love how the typo came out! FO SHO!!!

The swimming sounds great... I am already trying to think of what places to go to for that in the city, meaning where can I find a covered and heated pool? I cannot wait to be back!


Until then, don't study too hard and swim away! Besos...

cooper said...

luck to you

nice pic tranquil

i've seen water but no surf time

i'm jealous mizzy b is coming your way

Leigh said...

Shayna - Me too, I am sure it will! Thank you dear :)

Bee- I'm pretty stoked as well... I love autumn surf sessions!

Miz B - Heated and indoor... that would be nice! I swim at Foothill, and it's heated, but outdoors. So happy you are moving back!!!!

Coop - No surf time! Bite your tongue woman... that's what we live for! Perhaps you should come my way too! Then you don't have to be jealous :)