Monday, August 21, 2006

Near the Beginning

The crew and myself got some surfing in this weekend. It was small scale, but fun. I have a surfing competition that I am now committed to for Sept. 3! Alison and I are in the same division, and we have a good cheerleading section we have attending, so I can't wait! It'll for sure be a great beach day! Hopefully the surf will pick up. I have been so tempted to go to Eastside and surf. On Saturday, I ran into Hannah while rollerblading along the coastline, and we talked for a bit and watched waves at 2nd Peak. It looked super fun! I had already gone out earlier, and tried to get her to go surf, but it was too nippy out for her tastes, and I don't blame her. Fall is definitely in the air. She mentioned a Luna Run... you all know how I love surfing until the full moon comes out! Some else was talking about surfing a full moon... guess everyone is ready for a few evening glass off's. Getting up at 4:30am is really getting old for me, so I too am awaiting for the good tides to be awesome in the evening.

Yesterday I was pretty productive after an hour nap. Meg and I were working on some stepping stone mosaics and I finally grouted mine. They look awesome! Anyway, I will be going to FL tomorrow and will take plenty of pics and report my travels to you all! Have a great week!


bee said...

I'm secretly ready for fall, too.
Have a great/safe trip to FL!

cooper said...

I've done nothing like that this summer just worked withone short beach weekend on an east coast beach to be sure....;(.

I'm going to maui in September though so we'll see.

You have a great time you have some business coming up and I hope you enjot it all.

Miz BoheMia said...

Have a great time in Florida dear Leigh! Glad to hear you have been living it up and enjoying your new digs...

Surfing under the light of the full moon? Must be magical!

Besos and come back to us soon!!!

Leigh said...

Bee- I have been for a long time too. Fall here is great!

Coop - Hopefully you'll get some more beach walks in in Maui. Come to Santa Cruz and I can guarantee a few, maybe even some romantic ones ;)

Miz B- Life has been super sweet since the move! Surfing and the moon is quite the setting... Beso back at ya my dear! XOXO

Miz BoheMia said...

HEY! What are you doing flirting with Cooper? HUH?


Ha, ha, haaaa!


cooper said...


Leigh said...

Uh oh, you ladies are too much! ;)

Maybe we can all for a romantic walk together :D