Saturday, August 26, 2006

The FL Scene

First, let just say that this is my 100th post! I wondered how long it was going to take me! Now, let's get on to what's going on here in the sunshine state...

It's been fun so far, but the weather is a bit funky. We've got nice sunny mornings, followed by late afternoon clouds, rain,lightening and thunder:

(This was taken was taken by my dad, who was very patient to get this shot!)

It amazes me how flat the surf has been here, in spite of the crazy weather. So, I haven't been out in any waves... yet. My family and I went to the Kennedy Space Center this afternoon as a pre-tour before the launch of space shuttle Atlantis tomorrow. Well, we have entry to view the launch, but they scrubbed it until Monday. Hopefully I'll have pics up of that, and of me rippin' by Tuesday. But here are a few pics from today's encounters:

Well, I had more pics, but they aren't loading! Anyway, I am having a great time and still have about 5 more days here in Florida. I'll keep you all posted!


bee said...

Wow, the space center, huh? Sounds like fun!

weirsdo said...

You have the same weather we do, it seems, but prettier skies.

shayna said...

AWESOME PICTURES, DARLIN'... I love them... specially the first one...

Glad you are having fun...


cooper said...

you have fun and my lips are sealed about know what that may but probably won't be ripping through there ..........soon.

Hope you catch the launch.

Miz BoheMia said...

Beautiful pictures! I anxiously and eagerly and impatiently await MORE!


Bohemians are demanding that way and never mind that you are on vacation dammit! He, he, hee! ;-)

As for the offer down below, you cheeky-thing-trying-to-get-a-threesome-kinda-thang-happening... it turns out I can't cause Coop is my sister now, SISTER!

But seeing that I love her, I will share you... only with her... other women, HANDS OFF!


I figure a sacrifice was in order!

journi said...

life is pretty still on the homefront. it's beautiful today, i'm off to westcliff. can't wait to see and hear all about the space center and FL.

Leigh said...

Bee- Pretty bitchin' place!

Weirsdo - Nothin' like a southern sunset!

Shayna - Thanks! It's been a blast!

Coop- Too late... it's comin' right for us. Oh well.. I still like you though ;)

Miz B - Were you and Coop conjoined twins at birth and had recently learned the truth of your past? Sisters, huh? You are so giving in your sacrifice... Cooper and I appreciate it deeply.

There are more pics now to appease you ;)

Journi - Hey! Yeah... I am ready to come home to SC and go for bike rides on Westcliff. Have fun and I will see you on Thurs or Fri (depending on the Ernesto Hurricane situation).