Thursday, August 17, 2006


This morning I totally caught the deer in our garden! Sorry the pics are so fuzzy but I had to keep super still and not use a flash. Plus these were taken inside from the window.

GUILTY! What shameless creatures!

Oh well, not much you can do :) Here's a view into my place:


shayna said...

LOL... darlin' come out to my place sometime... we have deer in our front and back yard ALL the time... we can't keep flowers... they eat them...

Today... a doe and 2 fawns were eating my flowers out of the 2 pots on my front poarch steps. My dog is so use to them and they are of her... that they never run off when we let her out to go potty and she no longer trys to chase them... :)

Glad that the move is complete!

Miz BoheMia said...

The pictures are beautiful and wow to the whole doe visits! Now I am itching to visit you even more!

Leigh said...

Shayna- Yeah...those deer are everywhere. They are just so darn cute too! Guess all your plants are indoors! hehehehe

Miz B- Yes! Come visit!! Yaaaaaaaaay!

weirsdo said...

That is lovely. Deer are about the only wild animal we don't have.

cooper said...

ha ha, those are great.

"shamelss creatures"

aren't we all.

Leigh said...

Weirsdo - I always thought deer were everywhere in North America. Shows you how much I know! They are very lovely animals.

Coop - No, Just you ;)

Emily said...

Oooh Bambi! She's so cute!