Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Almost Autumn

Can't believe it's August again. Guess it's all true, time flying, having fun and all that jazz. Since I've converted fully to the Santa Cruz lifestyle, life has been an absolute blast. The surf was fun on Sunday and but it was getting a little crowded. Won't have to worry about that much longer. The tourists will all go home and leave us to our waves and quiet streets. God, I don't even live in SC yet (tomorrow is my official move in) and I am tired of the all the non-locals.

Anyway, I am moving this weekend and hope to get some pics of the new place. It'll be nice only being 10 minutes from the ocean, and super peaceful being away from the suburbs. I'll keep you all posted!

Oh, and a year ago, to the day, I did a post on the upcoming Wonder Woman movie and my feelings on Eva Mendez being Diana Prince is still top choice. Anyone who begs to differ, please state your case and suggestion ;)


bee said...

I don't know that much about Wonder Woman, but her as the choice seems like it was based purely on (potential) sex appeal.

Not cause she can act.


cooper said...

I hope the move goes smoothly. It sound heavenly to me.

You are such a local

shayna said...

I hope your move goes smoothly and nothing gets broken or lost. have fun surfing it up after the tourist leave... :)

Leigh said...

Bee- Not an Eva fan I see ;) But yes, as with everything in Hollywood, sex appeal is is huge factor. Plus I would love to see her in the WonderWoman out fit...

Coop - Me too! I am super stoked! And, I know, I am a local snob.

Shayna- I'll be surfin' it up with or without the tourist... surf is surf and it waits for no one ;)

Emily said...

Hi Leigh, yep you are so right, it is almost Autumn. It's already August, kids going back to school, Labor Day is right around the corner. After Labor Day it's just a hop, skip and jump to Halloween so you might as well go ahead and get your costume while the selection is good. Then comes November and well there's my Birthday, Thanksgiving just after that and the next thing you know..?

Or am I jumping the gun? ;0)

BTW, Happy New Year!
Have a great 2007! heh

Leigh said...

Emily - Wow, the just flew by! hehehe Happy early birthday! My birthday is in december, so musnt forget that! I hope time slows down a little bit in September and October...those are my favorite months and I love surfing that time of year!

Miz BoheMia said...

Hola you funky chica you! My you have been busy! I need to follow suit and add more excitement to la vida! Just don't make it too loco! ;-P Bohemians need some sleep when kids are home from school you see!

Eva Mendez? No one adressed this? Well, she looks very hot in that pic but I think Jessica Alba is sexier... she has this seamless beauty that I could just stare at for hours on end, wit and intelligence to boot and can kick ass, on screen at least! Whatcha think, eh? ;-P

Oooh! You know Emily! She is delightful and fab fo sho!

As are you fave chica! Live it up and have a great move to your new place!

Leigh said...

Miz B - Yes, been very busy! Jessica Alba is over the top cute for me. Wonder Woman need to be a tough chick, yet super sexy. Aw well, I guess we all have our ideas about how our wonder women should be ;)

And yes, Emily is a cool chica, very fab indeed! I'll be livin it up as soon as this move is done!

SailorAshley said...

I remeber that post! It was the first I commented on I think. I know I never update my Blog but if you like, click 'the livejournal' link on my page. I tend to favor it more since I've had it the longest.

Miz BoheMia said...

Hmmm... true, true... too cute for WW... now I am racking my brain as to who else is tough yet sexy and dammit! NO one comes to mind right now! Michelle Rodriguez has the tough thing going for her but she is too tomboyish to be WW.

Now I am gonna have to check out celeb chicks and think of you!

Off I go!

How is the move coming along? Bohemian minds would like to know!

Leigh said...

Ashley - Good to see you! I'll have to check it out!

Miz B - Woohoo... checkin out the likey! ;)

I'll post something about the move today...the batteries in my camera died and need replacements, but I should have some pics up soon!

Emily said...

Ooops! I was late getting back to the Wonder Woma comments here, but you know how the year just flew right on by! ;0) I think Eva would be wonderfully wonderful as the wonderous Wonder Woman.. or is that superflous?? I keep hearing the rumor though that Morena Baccarin from Firefly/Serenity is still the front runner. I also hear Charisma Carpenter and Teri Hatcher being mentioned, and although both ladies are tres` lovely well, they just don't have the exotic look Princess Diana should have.. they're just too middle America, y'know?

When it's all said and done, they'll probably end up casting Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt will be the baddie and Jennifer Aniston will be Diana's handmaiden/rival for the throne of Amazon Island! Wouldn't that be a hoot??

Now Leigh, Miz B, stop saying all those sweet things about me, I'm just sure to blush.. I mean, tell me more! ;-P


Leigh said...

Emily - Uh oh...we may have a flirting session on our hands ;)