Monday, July 17, 2006

So Metropolitan

Geesh, it's super hot today! I came in from lunch and felt like my shirt was drenched. I am working here in downtown San Jose this steamy afternoon. It's "Spare the Air Day" and the lightrail, and other public transit modes, are free. As I was crossing one of the city streets, I notice the city is getting ready for it's 2nd annual Grand Prix. It's a fairly new event and was extremely successful last year.

It will be weird not living in a suburban/semi-urban area, as I have been raised and lived in SJ most my life. I do love coming downtown to work. In spite of what most people think of this city, it's very quiant and has an old world feel. It reminds me of Madrid in way. It's small and easy to get around.

Anyway, I went surfing 5 of the 7 days last week and decided to give it a rest before I became "surfed out". Yes, it is possible to get tired of surfing. I am planning on paddling out tomorrow, so hopefully it won't get too crowded and there will be some waves.

Stay cool....


bee said...

Yeah, definitely stay cool! It's been so hard to sleep the past couple of nights!

Anonymous said...

My envy has no bounds.

cooper said...

eh- you know the drill.

Leigh said...

Bee - It was even warming up in Santa Cruz this morning. Us NorCal natives are so spoiled :)

Coop - hehehehe ... no need to be envious... it's f*ckin' hot here! I know you lurk around blogs and leave your anonymous comments... but we are all on to you now!

shayna said...

It is 100 degrees here in TN today... which is CRAZY!!!!!

Hope you got to surf it up!!! :)

cooper said...

it's hot as crap here too, the only difference is that I am three hours away from water.

Miz BoheMia said...

Yeah, hot as crap here too... you sweat by just sitting on your ass to thank goodness for the pool and the sometime-present sea breeze!

Yes, getting some time off from any form of physical activity is a wise, wise thing... albeit hard at times... to do! Hope you got your much needed rest chica!

I never got to know nor like SJ but it was mainly because to me it represented some major ass****s, part of Loverboy's family, who live there and so I avoided it, because of them, like the plague! Glad to hear more positive things about it through you!

Hope life in SC is just sizzlin'! Like a certain surfer chica I know! Funkified!

weirsdo said...

It is great to have the best of both worlds--urban access and country getaway.

Emily said...

I hope you continue to surf away Leigh, be it San Jose, Santa Cruz or Santa Claus! ;0)

Either way stay wet & wild cause we can't even get it to rain way over here on the Atlantic side and I'm about 3 hours from the ocean!

Oh, Poo!

Leigh said...

Shayna - anything over 85F is just not right! Hope you are staying cool!

Miz B - Yeah...the pool has been getting used! I will have the whole ocean as my playground! SJ has it's good sides, for sure... but I can't wait to move to SC.

Weirsdo - For sure!

Emily - Welcome! I certainly got some surfing in, but it was so early this morning. 3 hours from the ocean! Ack! I do love Atlanta though... I love that southern feel, and just something sweet is in the air.