Sunday, July 23, 2006

Too Hot 2 Handle!

It was 104F today! It didn't matter that I spend the majority of the weekend at the was 94F there. I went surfing at 5am both yesterday and today, so we got out at around 7:30am. Still plenty of daylight to do whatever and sure makes for a long day. I rode my bike around the westside of Santa Cruz and as I was coming down Main St. towards the wharf, there was a horde of runners getting ready to do the Wharf to Wharf run. That race gets so packed, you can just forget about crossing the street if it's in their path.

I took the pic as I was about to ride downhill... you can see the wharf and the shores of Monterey Bay. I surf just on the other side of the wharf along westcliff.

So, my Blogavisary was a couple days ago. One full year of blogging! WOO! Interesting to look back on some of those posts and reflect on the past year. Although, it's wonderful to see that I still have the same enthusiasm and love for surfing. 3 years, and I still get excited just before paddling out.

Not a whole lot going on except the normal summer activities. I'll be going on vacation next month to FL to visit my parents. When I get back, I plan to enter the NorCal Women's Surfest Contest. School doesn't start up until late September. Sorry I haven't had any girl stories to tell, but I have some prospects out in the water...some QT Surfergirls (as they are referred too). I'll keep you all posted....

Again...beat the heat, and stay cool!

Monday, July 17, 2006

So Metropolitan

Geesh, it's super hot today! I came in from lunch and felt like my shirt was drenched. I am working here in downtown San Jose this steamy afternoon. It's "Spare the Air Day" and the lightrail, and other public transit modes, are free. As I was crossing one of the city streets, I notice the city is getting ready for it's 2nd annual Grand Prix. It's a fairly new event and was extremely successful last year.

It will be weird not living in a suburban/semi-urban area, as I have been raised and lived in SJ most my life. I do love coming downtown to work. In spite of what most people think of this city, it's very quiant and has an old world feel. It reminds me of Madrid in way. It's small and easy to get around.

Anyway, I went surfing 5 of the 7 days last week and decided to give it a rest before I became "surfed out". Yes, it is possible to get tired of surfing. I am planning on paddling out tomorrow, so hopefully it won't get too crowded and there will be some waves.

Stay cool....

Monday, July 10, 2006

Making the Move

I found a place in Santa Cruz! It's on a huge property with some acreage and the surroundings are just beautiful! It's 10 minutes away from downtown and from my surf spot. My housemates seem pretty awesome and have good energy... I am very excited about this move! It will be wonderful to be with my friends and all the activities I enjoy. I'll post some pics soon after I move in. The pic seen here is what the drive to my new place looks like... woodland type scenery.

So I tried taking some summer courses, but my brain has refused to think about midterms or tests. No more classes until September. That's fine, since I have a move to start preparing for, and a vacation to look forward to. I think I deserve a break. I met all the goals I setup for myself last year.

The surf has been pretty small lately, but we've managed some good sessions in. Hopefully there will be a swell in for the weekend!