Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taking A Moment

I'm not sure why I haven't been posting. It has been pretty busy and lots has been happening in my life... lots of people coming in and out of my life. I guess it's been a pretty transitional period for me. Still in school, my final is in a couple weeks and it's been tough seeing everyone else finish up while you still have to go to class. It really doesn't matter much anyway, I have a photography class for the summer, I am taking by suggestion from my therapist. She felt all my activities were on the physical side and I needed a more mental and creative outlet, thus the Photo Expression course.

I have been surfing quite avidly (2-4 times a week) and I think I've gone up a level. It's been great having the Cowells Crew around with all the support and fun in the water.

I am still alive, and I will make my rounds to my favorite blogs. Hopefully things will settle and I will quiet my mind to sit down and us my blog as I had first intended... my log of events going in my life at the time it's happening. Perhaps I will look back at this as a lull in life, between the beautiful sets of events that will eventually occur and give you a few bitchin' rides (yes...a surfing metaphor).


bee said...

Love the metaphor. :)
I'd love to take a photo course, but all the ones involving film take place during the day, which doesn't work with my work schedule! You'll have to share the tips and tricks you learn with your fellow bloggers!

Miz BoheMia said...

Glad to have you back!

I took a photography course back in my college days. It was ecstasy. Class was 5 hours long and the lab was open 15 hours for anyone who wanted to use it... I ended up spending 20 hours a week there, just getting lost in that dark room, completely focused on my work... it is a bit like meditating where your concentration becomes so centered and so focused it throws everything else out into the trash... very cleansing. Hey, it may even help you with your surfing!

Hope all the transitions have been good ones Leigh! Fill us in! Great excuse to blog and we get to have you back! YIPPEEEEE!


Leigh said...

Bee- For sure! I am pretty excited about this course so I will fill you all in on how it's going!

Miz B - I am trying to make a come back :) I do miss reading everyone's blogs. Yeah... I think the photo class would provide some focus and I am looking forward to the projects. I promise to share that and the transitions in another post :)

cooper said...

Sounds good and I'm glad you are alive.

shayna said...

hope you are doing well, darlin'

Leigh said...

Cooper- Thanks... I'll keep you all posted :)

Shayna - Thank you :)